Monday, April 24, 2017

Letter from President Felix

Dear missionaries,

Are you on Fire?  If we feed the spark of faith, fan the flames of work and Ignite the quest to baptize, the California Ventura Mission will be elevated.  I know that if we set goals of having 4 new investigators each week and set plans to do it, it can be done.  Setting goals of having investigators come to church requires some planning and will usually involve other members to help.  Goals of having investigators with baptismal dates should come within the first or second lesson.  We can do so much if you diligently strive to meet each of these goals and follow the Spirit. The Lord will bless you. 

The mission-wide conference with Elder D. Todd Christofferson on 
May 6 will indeed be a blessing.  Let's prepare for that wonderful event by being diligent in everything we do.  You should be able to leave from Camarillo to return to your areas around noon.  Please schedule baptisms so that you can return to your area in time to make the preparations for those baptisms. 

Please be cautious in your driving.  We had two accidents this past week, without injury, that were not the fault of the missionaries.  The missionaries will not have a car for some time due to these accidents which is really awkward.   We are so grateful that there were no injuries. 

We look forward to interviews with the Ventura and the Camarillo Zones this week.  We will review the #PrinceofPeace initiative and how teaching has been going since the last interviews.

Ignite the fire within!

President Dell C. Felix

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