Sunday, April 2, 2017

SB and V Zone Conference 3/29/17

Santa Barbara Zone
Front:  Sister Clark, Hermana Bassett, Elders Jarnigan, Hiltscher, Reeves, Leckbee, Mecham, Ballantyne, Campbell, Huston, Endicott, Sister Hardy, Hermana Fernandez
Back:  Elder Clark, Hermana Lethbridge, Elders Castro, Liddiard, Stevens, Horman, Carter, Judd, McLawhorn, Hales, Richards, Sistr Mendoza, Hermana Cortez

Ventura Zone
Front:  Hermanas Hallows, Garcia, Elder Avalos, Sister McGuire, Elder Nielson, Hermana Huesca, Elders McLane, Kelly, Marchant, Johnson, Bunnage, Palmer
Back:  Hermana Torrico, Mata, Sister Scott, Elder Kopaunik, Hermana Alder, Elders Suarez, Oakey, Seui, Whatcott, Ward, Wayment
We had the fixings for sandwiches, salad, clementines, and ice cream treats.

Happy birthday to Elders Johnson, Reeves, Seui, Carter, Marchant, Sisters Felix, Alder
President Felix surprised Sister Felix with flowers for her birthday.

Elders Hales and Morby presented “We are consecrated servants of Jesus Christ.”  They used an acronym for SERVANT. 
S acred (to consecrate, make holy) – White handbook pg. 3
E quivalent (equal in might and authority) – WH pg. 5
R epentance (Turn our hearts over to Him) -- PMG pg. 63
V irtue  (Put aside worldly desires) – PMG 118
A ll in! (Give it your all) – Matt 13:45-46
N ame (Jesus Christ’s attributes) – We have His name, seek to do His will
T emple (Covenants)

Elders Wayment and Palmer presented “We strive to serve the Lord through our obedience.” We need to serve all of God’s children which includes companion, member, and investigator.  Be exactly obedient.  Evaluate – do you want to go home the same person as when you came out? 

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