Monday, April 3, 2017

C and NP Zone Conference 3/30/17

Camarillo Zone
Front:  Elders Davis, Christenson, Barrios-Vega, Taufatofua, Betts, Tanuvasa, Sisters Lovato, Cook, Hermanas Flores, Gonzalez
Back:  Elders Hansen, Bronson, Peisley, Swenson, Sila, Plummer, Sisters Wing, Campbell, Hermanas Anstee, Hirst

Newbury Park Zone
Front:  Elders Turley, Emerson, Bates, Bradley, Pickett, Sisters Rosenlof, Barnum
Back:  Elders Herrera-Loya, Dewey, Blaylock, Hunter, Elliott, Sisters Van Der Watt, McClure
We had the best lunch ever (Sister Felix could eat breakfast any time of day).  Unfortunately a fuse was blown because of too many griddles turned on.  President Felix found the fuse box and griddles were moved also into the kitchen so it wouldn't happen again.  We enjoyed pancakes, fresh fruit, an egg casserole, sausage and juice.

Happy birthday to Elders Bates, Hansen, Sister Barnum, Elders Barrios-Vega, Emerson, Betts
The Newbury Park Zone thought it was my birthday that day.  They sang Happy Birthday to me and gave me a card they had made.

Elders Hunter and Bradley presented “We are consecrated servants of Jesus Christ.”  They had pieces to a puzzle that needed to be put together.  The puzzle was to spell Consecrated Servants.  It was discovered that some pieces were missing.  The puzzle pieces missing were:
Repent – it’s important because we need to actually change.
Avoid worldly desires.
Put both feet in, be fully committed.
Temple – Doctrine and Covenants 109 – covenants are made.  We are representatives of Jesus Christ


Elders Bronson and Christenson presented “We strive to serve the Lord through our obedience.”  Correction is made so that we can progress and be better.  A diagram of a wheel was shown.  Visualize the center being Christ.  As the spokes go out to the rim, do we get as close to the edge or to the center?  We need to set boundaries and we will be free.  Suggestions were made regarding obedience issues. So emailing doesn’t go over an hour, set a timer for 30 minutes and then again for 30 minutes.  Music – just get rid of inappropriate music.  Set the alarm for earlier if can’t get up right at 6:30.  The best way to love someone is to serve them.  Show love for Jesus Christ by serving and keeping the missionary rules.

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