Saturday, April 1, 2017

SM and SLO Zone Conference 3/28/17

Santa Maria Zone
Front:  Elders DeGraw, Haslam, Sisters Fisher, Castaneda, Hermana Pazmiño, Elders Harvey, Gardiner, Baker, Hermana Puertas, Sisters Perry, Iverson
Back:  Elders Matthews, Herrera, Sister Baird, Greding, Hermana Gomez, Elders Davis, Judkins, Lallatin, Hermana Wiles, Sister Mortimer, Elder Iverson

San Luis Obispo Zone
Front:  Elder Strom, Hermana Dolder, Sister Besendorfer, Elders Bundy, Cannon, Gemar, Pierce, Atkinson, Sisters Groneman, Adamson, Aston, Elder Brodie
Back:  Elder Heck, Hermana Gonzalez, Elders Thurgood, Jones, Huston, Robins, Levis, Sisters Coleman, Houseman, Elders Aston, Portillo
Taco salad, clementies, and brownies

Happy Birthday to Elders Iverson, Heck, Hermana Pazmiño, Sister Aston, Hermana Gomez, Sister Perry, Elders Atkinson, Lallatin, Sister Felix

Elders Davis and Harvey presented “We are consecrated servants of Jesus Christ.”  It’s a journey as we use stepping stones.  Me + Christ = More.  Christ is our companion.  He makes us better.  We need to give our choices and agency to Jesus Christ.

Elders Huston and Gemar presented “We serve the Lord through our obedience.”  It is through our obedience we can best serve others.  Elder Gemar told the story of a navy seal who parachuted out of a plane and got caught in a tree.  It was dark and he didn’t know how far he would drop.  The question – What is holding you back?  Cut the cords.  He dropped only 6 feet and was safe.  We need to cut the cords and have faith.  The cords we are cutting are disobedience.  Read Romans 5:19.

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