Thursday, January 29, 2015

Departing 1/28/15

back row:  Sister Cox, Hermana Reyes, Hermana Proctor, Sister Clark
front row:  Sister Arndt, Hermana Shepherd, Hermana Martin, Hermana Faletau, Sister Unga
back row:  Elders Carter, Fairbourne, Mortimer
front row:  Elders Peterson, Mosser, Teeples, Thornell, Epps
 Missing Elder Epps because his father picked him up so they could see some of the mission together.  Brother Epps served in this mission as a young man. 
  All of the sisters stayed with us. Four of the elders stayed with members and 3 stayed with the Assistants. The bus was at the mission home by 6:45 a.m. 
Notice the reflection of the sunrise in the bus window. 

Transfer 1/27/15

Transfer meeting was incredible! We were treated to 19 testimonies from missionaries leaving and two fantastic musical numbers. It's too bad not all of the missionaries attend;  only those affected with a transfer. 

Last transfer 22 missionaries went home. During the past six weeks 7 more left the mission including visa waiters.  This transfer 17 returned home.  We now have 105 English speaking Elders,  30 Spanish speaking Elders, 37 English speaking Sisters, and 32 Spanish speaking Sisters. We have 204 young missionaries. Our numbers are going down. We enjoy serving now with 4 senior couples. 

New Arrivals 1/26/15

Our new missionaries are from Utah,  Idaho, Canada, Indianapolis, and Virginia. 
 Two arrived at 10:40 a.m., three came one hour later,  and the visa waiter going to Australia flew in around 5:00 p.m.
 Sister Israelsen
 Elder Routledge
 Hermana Price
 Hermana Ricks
 Elder Weiss
 Elder Kim

 We ate tri tip, chicken, tortillas, cole slaw, beans and rice with beautiful scenery.
 Elder and Sister McIntosh are so great to have the food picked up and ready for us.  Elder and Sister Ruse will be leaving in February so they are training 
Elder and Sister Stewart.
 These birds were nicer than the seagulls.

 The mission has a new van. The Assistants call it a space ship.

 These missionaries are jumping in the mission with both feet. They are fully committed. 
We had breakfast at the mission home Tuesday morning before going to the stake center for more orientation and transfer meeting. 
Sister Felix loves breakfast (any time of day).