Friday, January 29, 2016

The Clarks

Sister Julie and Elder Stephen Clark arrived last night.  They are CES missionaries who will help with the Institute at UCSB, YSAs and the Spanish branch in Santa Barbara.  They are going to be busy.
The Clarks arrived from Price, Utah.
We have loved getting to know them.

Sunday, January 24, 2016


Sister Scoresby and Sister Baird look confused as we no longer will be having transfer meetings.  The Executive Missionary Council of the Church has announced that transfer meetings are not authorized; therefore, we will no longer be holding them.  Transfers will occur every six weeks with the exception in March we will have a seven week transfer.  Missionaries will spend three weeks in the MTC causing our transfer dates to be changed.  This means scheduled departures from the mission will be a week later.
Stay posted as to how the missionaries will be moved as this is a puzzle that is still being worked on.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Follow up Training

These missionaries look much more awake and alert than they did three weeks ago.
We did a follow up training with the new missionaries and their trainers.  Elder Stewart talked about cars and maintaining them.  Elder Floyd discussed apartments, how to clean a vacuum and avoiding mold growing in the bathroom along with finances.  Sister Felix talked about etiquette and then the elders and sisters were separated so that dress standards were discussed.  President took the Elders and also talked about giving blessings.  We separated the new missionaries from their trainers so that any concerns that either have may be addressed.  They came back together and what was talked about in the groups was brought to attention to help realize things they can work on together.  President then trained on the Doctrine of Christ.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

MLC 1/12/16

Last week Mission Leadership Council came to the mission home for breakfast before going to the mission office for MLC.  We had green chili egg casserole, strawberries, oranges, pull aparts, milk, chocolate milk or water.  The food was devoured.
Our meeting began with the zones sharing their baptismal goals for December, what baptisms actually occured (we found out we need to be more realistic), the January baptism goals and what the zone goals were to help the missionaries.  The Sister Training Leaders reported on how they will support the CVM Target.
President and Sister Felix did a training on Leadership.  President started out with this puzzle showing the Council how to separate the two shapes.  He actually just did it and said to Elder Gregory, "here, you do it." That wasn't enough.  President kind of showed him again.  It still didn't work.  President then lovingly helped Elder Gregory to complete the task.  Elder Gregory then taught another missionary how to do it.
President and Sister Felix shared six aspects of leadership:  prepare spiritually, set the example, love, serve and minister, loyalty & unity, and accountability.
Elders Leavitt, Dorius, Boyce
Elders Deem, Kuepper, DuPlessis, Sisters Ulassin, Orme
Elders L. Gregory, Powell, Hermanas Cuevas, Griffes, Ricks, Hurley
Elders Chatterton, Summers, Ruby, Young, Sisters Israelsen, Scoresby
We are very grateful for the Floyds and the Stewarts in preparing the lunch.  They always serve with a smile.
President Felix, Elders M. Gregory, Gibb, Haines, Campbell
Sister Training Leaders
Hermanas Griffes, Cuevas, Sisters Scoresby, Israelsen, Ulassin, Orme, Hermanas Ricks, Hurley
Zone Leaders
Elders Leavitt, L. Gregory, Powell, Campbell, M. Gregory, Dorius, Deem, Haines, Gibb, Kuepper, DuPlessis, Chatterton, Summers, Boyce

After lunch missionaries gave 3 - 5 minute talks on the 8 Fundamentals.
President Felix shared what the missionary department of the Church has requested.  That would be no more transfer meetings.  We will no longer be gathering for a transfer meeting every 6 weeks.  We will be figuring out with the Assistants how to move the missionaries directly to their new areas.
We were grateful the missionaries were supportive of this change.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Departing 12/30/15

Before dinner the missionaries watched Meet the Mormons.  We enjoyed dinner and a nice evening sharing special moments on the mission.  

Hermana Bennion, Sisters Dearden, Beatty, Hunsaker, Hermanas Jeronimo, Brown, Huey, Sister Evans
Elders Elkington and Hurst

Two shuttles picked up the missionaries Wednesday morning.  They were driven to LAX.

Transfers 12/29/15

New missionaries and trainers:
Sisters Cardon and Wing
Sisters Scott and Houseman
Sisters Meglen and McClure
Elders VanSlochteren and Davis
Sisters VanDerWatt and Mendoza
Elders DeGraw and Anderson
Elders Parkinson and Oakey
Elders Jo and Bradley
Elders Pierce and Slaugh
Elders Valladares and Marchant
Elders Bailey and Lallatin
Elders Castro Romero and Peisley
Elders Garrard, Mullford, Elliott, Brown
Sisters Dearden, Huntsman, Israelsen, Coulon, Deitos, Bosshardt
Hermanas Kneip, Morales, Sisters Lambert, Barnum

Elders Deem, Haines, Gibb, Dorius
Elders M. Gregory, Campbell, Chatterton, Judkins, Summers
Hermanas Frias, Pirir, Scott, Sisters Scoresby, McClure, Meglen, King, Baird
Hermanas Soriano, Jeronimo, Huey, Garza
Elders Bronson, Endicott, Hull
Hermana Eames, Brown, Jeronimo,Wright, Elders M. Gregory Lemus, Bradler
Elders DeCosta, Davis, Hubbard

New Arrivals 12/28/15

We had missionaries arrive at four different times (from CCM in Mexico, driving, MTC in Provo and Canada).

The missionaries arrived late at 3:44.

The traffic was bad driving from Santa Barbara to Ventura.  As you can see, it was almost dark.  We had 11 missionaries making the commitment to have both feet in.

Elder Jo arrived at 11:44 p.m.
Elder Marchant
Elder Castro Romero
Sister Cardon
Sister Mendoza
Sister Meglen
Elder Anderson
Elder Bailey
Elder VanSlochteren
Elder Oakey
Elder Pierce
Elder Jo
Sister Scott