Tuesday, January 19, 2016

MLC 1/12/16

Last week Mission Leadership Council came to the mission home for breakfast before going to the mission office for MLC.  We had green chili egg casserole, strawberries, oranges, pull aparts, milk, chocolate milk or water.  The food was devoured.
Our meeting began with the zones sharing their baptismal goals for December, what baptisms actually occured (we found out we need to be more realistic), the January baptism goals and what the zone goals were to help the missionaries.  The Sister Training Leaders reported on how they will support the CVM Target.
President and Sister Felix did a training on Leadership.  President started out with this puzzle showing the Council how to separate the two shapes.  He actually just did it and said to Elder Gregory, "here, you do it." That wasn't enough.  President kind of showed him again.  It still didn't work.  President then lovingly helped Elder Gregory to complete the task.  Elder Gregory then taught another missionary how to do it.
President and Sister Felix shared six aspects of leadership:  prepare spiritually, set the example, love, serve and minister, loyalty & unity, and accountability.
Elders Leavitt, Dorius, Boyce
Elders Deem, Kuepper, DuPlessis, Sisters Ulassin, Orme
Elders L. Gregory, Powell, Hermanas Cuevas, Griffes, Ricks, Hurley
Elders Chatterton, Summers, Ruby, Young, Sisters Israelsen, Scoresby
We are very grateful for the Floyds and the Stewarts in preparing the lunch.  They always serve with a smile.
President Felix, Elders M. Gregory, Gibb, Haines, Campbell
Sister Training Leaders
Hermanas Griffes, Cuevas, Sisters Scoresby, Israelsen, Ulassin, Orme, Hermanas Ricks, Hurley
Zone Leaders
Elders Leavitt, L. Gregory, Powell, Campbell, M. Gregory, Dorius, Deem, Haines, Gibb, Kuepper, DuPlessis, Chatterton, Summers, Boyce

After lunch missionaries gave 3 - 5 minute talks on the 8 Fundamentals.
President Felix shared what the missionary department of the Church has requested.  That would be no more transfer meetings.  We will no longer be gathering for a transfer meeting every 6 weeks.  We will be figuring out with the Assistants how to move the missionaries directly to their new areas.
We were grateful the missionaries were supportive of this change.

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