Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Last post

We are back home and remain busy, hence the delayed post of the day President & Sister Nakken began their service in the California Ventura Mission.

Thursday, June 29 the Nakkens arrived at the Santa Barbara airport.

President Felix is handing off the phone to President Nakken.  This is still in the parking lot of the airport.  I laughed as he gave him both the keys and phone; yet President Felix was going to drive us back to Ventura.
We stopped at Padara Grill in Carpinteria for lunch.  We wanted to welcome the Nakkens to California with great food and atmosphere.
Just prior to entering the mission home.  Their home for the next three years.  After showing them throughout the house, the presidents went into the office to visit and the wives talked in the family room.  We had a difficult time clearing out the mission phone for Sister Nakken, therefore, we kept it so we could go to Target and get help.  It's amazing when you know what you're doing, how fast the task can be accomplished.
We cannot put into words how blessed and grateful we are for the opportunity we've had to serve in the Great California Ventura Mission.  We love the Lord and our Heavenly Father.  The missionaries we have served with are amazing.  The Senior couples have been incredible!  They were so loving and giving to us and to all of the missionaries.  We had a wonderful opportunity in working with stake presidents and other members.  Memories made and our testimonies strengthened.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Departing 6/28/17

Crazy that this is the last departing missionaries as we go home this same week. 

 A beautiful creation for the watermelon.  At one point we said we could play Jenga.
 They were so helpful! We enjoyed a nice evening with dinner,  testimonies,  and fresh strawberry shortcake. 
 Elder Harvey was leaving at 5:00 am on Wednesday so wouldn't be with us for pictures. 
Hermana Anstee. Sisters Scott  Mendoza, Cardon, Besendorfer
Elders Elliott, Levis, Plummer, Bronson, DeGraw
 Since we are leaving on Friday,  we jumped into the picture. 
 Elder & Sister Andrus drove the majority of the missionaries to the Burbank airport. 
Elder and Sister Iverson drove Sisters Scott and Mendoza with the luggage to the airport.