Saturday, July 1, 2017

Departing 6/28/17

Crazy that this is the last departing missionaries as we go home this same week. 

 A beautiful creation for the watermelon.  At one point we said we could play Jenga.
 They were so helpful! We enjoyed a nice evening with dinner,  testimonies,  and fresh strawberry shortcake. 
 Elder Harvey was leaving at 5:00 am on Wednesday so wouldn't be with us for pictures. 
Hermana Anstee. Sisters Scott  Mendoza, Cardon, Besendorfer
Elders Elliott, Levis, Plummer, Bronson, DeGraw
 Since we are leaving on Friday,  we jumped into the picture. 
 Elder & Sister Andrus drove the majority of the missionaries to the Burbank airport. 
Elder and Sister Iverson drove Sisters Scott and Mendoza with the luggage to the airport. 

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