Saturday, August 30, 2014

Camarillo and Newbury Park Zones

 Camarillo Spanish
 Camarillo English
Newbury Park

The past four days have been wonderful being with the amazing missionaries in the
Great California Ventura Mission! 

Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley

 Thousand Oaks
 Simi Valley
Sister Mason
Due to health, we had to say goodbye to Sister Mason and
 Elder Fidler.

Elder Spackman was happy to receive gloves.

San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria Zones

 After eating lunch the Relief Society sisters are asked to come into the cultural hall so we can thank them.  Everyone stands and sings Called to Serve.

 San Luis Obispo
 Santa Maria
 The Christlike character trait we are focusing on for the next couple of months is CHARITY.  The scripture that will be memorized is DC 12:8. It goes so well with charity, humility and love.  Along with that begins a new program of Just Serve where the missionaries are authorized to do 10 hours of service per week Tuesday through Friday. We are striving to be a Zion mission.  Part of becoming a Zion mission is to start with unity in their companionship, to become more pure in heart and to not have fear. 
Everyone received a pair of gloves. 

Ventura and Santa Barbara Zone Conference

 The drill: pull in, turn the wheels to one side,  pop the hood and trunk, leave the keys on the seat,  take their paper work out of the glove box and lay it on the seat.  The cars are then inspected inside and out by Elder Ruse and the Miles helped this go around.

We recognized birthdays from July 1 to October 31.

Ventura English
Santa Barbara
Ventura Spanish