Saturday, November 28, 2015


Sister Felix puts together a newsletter each transfer that includes pictures of the new missionaries, departing missionaries, leadership of the mission, the number of missionaries, baptisms, and a letter from President Felix is included.  The following is the letter he wrote for the newsletter that the missionaries will receive on Monday through email.

Dear Missionaries,

            Tad R. Callister said “What is a consecrated missionary?  It is a missionary who is willing to give every ounce of energy, every conscious thought, and every drop of passion to this work – to submit our will to God’s will whatever it may be.  The book of Omni records the depth and breadth of that covenant: ‘Yea, come unto me, and offer your whole souls as an offering unto him.’”  Being consecrated servants of Jesus Christ in the California Ventura Mission suggest that you are putting aside all worldly thoughts and desires and that you “put both feet in.” 
From a recent conference talk, Elder Larry Lawrence stated: “The journey of discipleship is not an easy one.  It has been called a ‘course of steady improvement.’  As we travel along that strait and narrow path, the Spirit continually challenges us to be better and to climb higher.  The Holy Ghost will not tell you to improve everything at once.  If He did, we would become discouraged and give up.  The Spirit works with us at our own speed, one step at a time, or as the Lord has taught, ‘line upon line, precept upon precept…’  Ask the Lord, ‘What is keeping me from progressing?’ or ‘What lack I yet?’  Be persistent, but never be discouraged.  ‘It is our duty to be better today than we were yesterday, and better tomorrow than we are today.’”  
Elder Neal A Maxwell said “In pondering and pursuing consecration, understandably we tremble inwardly at what may be required.  Yet the Lord has said consolingly, ‘My grace is sufficient for you’.  Do we really believe Him?  He has also promised to make weak things strong.  Are we really willing to submit to that process?  Yet if we desire fullness, we cannot hold back part!”  
Our gift to the Savior is to give Him our all as we serve Heavenly Father’s children.  As we exercise pure faith, His grace will attend us and the California Ventura Mission will catch on fire.  Let’s all consecrate our efforts, pray and work diligently for the salvation of the souls of those 41 individuals who have accepted or will accept baptismal dates during the month of December.  Our fast as a mission on December 1 will bring to pass this worthy goal.  Remember not to invite others at home to join in our special fast (Missionary Handbook page18).    

Love and joy,

President Dell C. Felix

Saturday, November 21, 2015

District Leader Training

Friday, November 20, all of the District leaders and their companions went to the mission office for training.
President Felix talked about elevating the mission.  We had great training on accountability by Elders Wickern, King and Yager; then President & Sister Felix took time to discuss accountability.
Elders Young and Ruby presented the EDPEP on correcting.  President and Sister Felix responded to the importance of communication.
President Felix had closing remarks that tied everything together.
Front:  Elders Haney, Gruwell, Turley, Taufatofua
Middle:  Elders Mata, Herrera, Hunter, Parkinson, (hiding is Elder Hales), DuPlessis
Back:  Elders Yager, Gemar, Davis, Bradley, Morby, King
Front:  Elders Petersen, Willis, Brown, Campbell, Hurst, Allison
Midddle:  Elders Stewart, Wickern, Reed, Garrard, Avalos, Weiss
Back:  Elders DeCosta, Hubbard, Carpenter, Plummer, Suarez, Peterson
Front:  Elders Wickern, Weiss, Herrera, Taufatofua, Gruwell, Hurst, Peterson, DeCosta
Back:  Elders King, Willis, DuPlessis, Carpenter, Campbell, Yager, Parkinson, Bradley, Reed
Last year we had a difficult time finding evidence of Fall.  This year we've seen more trees with colors.  We attended District Meeting on Moorpark Road and it was fun seing the fall colors.

Departing Missionaries 11 / 18 / 15

These missionaries really knew how to "chill"for the afternoon.

President showed "A Savior is Born." It will be out for the public's viewing on November 29.
Sisters Rasmussen, Coombs, Hermanas L. Clark, Young, Sister Giambattista, Hermana A. Clark, Sisters Reneer, Thompson, Wilson, Harrison
Elders Fernandez, Santos, Morwood, Gaylor, Slaugh, Goad

This may be the last time for quite awhile that we'll need a bus to take the missionaries to the airport.

Transfer 11 / 17 / 15

The new missionaries with their trainers.
Elders Gemar and Yager
Elders Turley and Taufatofua
Elders Morby and King
Elders Garcia and Liddiard
Elders Suarez and Peterson
Elders Hales and DuPlessis
Elder DeCosta with Elder Hubbard who was newly assigned to our mission as he served two transfers in Ogden, Utah
Elders Avalos and Weiss
Sisters Barnum and Lambert
Sisters Fisher and Capener
Sisters Mortimer and Jones
Hermanas Arkell and Johnson
Hermanas Morales, Green, Hurley, Bennion, Jeronimo, Soriano
Elders Hull, Payne, Chatterton

Elders Haney, Gruwell (he moved), Elliott, Rosenlof
Sisters Harrison, Hunsaker, Orme, Ulassin, Baird, Giambattista, Houseman, Wing
Elders M. Gregory, DeCosta, Kuepper, Deem, Mulford, Endicott
Elders Fernandez, Garcia, Liddiard, Harper, Dort, Strom
Elders Dorius, Leaveitt, Elkington, Heck
Elders Slaugh, Chatterton, Gibb, Haines and convert
Sisters VanDerWatt, Deitos
Elders Harvey, Lamb
Hermanas Scott, Soriano, Morales, Pirir, Green
Hermanas Ames, Miller
Hermanas Clark, Kneip, Elder Fernandez, Hermanas Brown, Frias, Pirir, Zarate, Cuevas, Hurley, Jeronimo, Soriano, Scott, Elder Turley
Front:  Elders Herrera, Taufatofua, McLane
Sisters Giambattista, Barnes, Campbell
Sister Barnes gives amazing hugs.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

New Arrivals 11 / 16 / 15

The missionaries came on two different flights.  Two elders came from Mexico and the ten other missionaries arrived from the Provo MTC.  Both flights arrived early.  

 We feel the missionaries are hungry but were concerned about getting back to Ventura before it got dark.  After loading all of the luggage, dried mangoes and protein bars were handed out. 

Elder & Sister Floyd and Elders Young and Yager
Elder Avalos is showing us he's committed by jumping off the step.  Everyone participated.

We arrived at the mission home. President moved one of the tables to take it upstairs.  It would be dark and a bit chilly to eat outside so we had dinner in the house.
I love the elders working together to unload and put the luggage in the garage.

Sister Fisher
Sister Mortimer
Sister Barnum
Hermana Arkell
Elder Hubbard
Elder Morby
Elder Suarez
Elder Gemar
Elder Hales
Elder Turley
Elder Avalos
Elder Liddiard