Thursday, November 19, 2015

New Arrivals 11 / 16 / 15

The missionaries came on two different flights.  Two elders came from Mexico and the ten other missionaries arrived from the Provo MTC.  Both flights arrived early.  

 We feel the missionaries are hungry but were concerned about getting back to Ventura before it got dark.  After loading all of the luggage, dried mangoes and protein bars were handed out. 

Elder & Sister Floyd and Elders Young and Yager
Elder Avalos is showing us he's committed by jumping off the step.  Everyone participated.

We arrived at the mission home. President moved one of the tables to take it upstairs.  It would be dark and a bit chilly to eat outside so we had dinner in the house.
I love the elders working together to unload and put the luggage in the garage.

Sister Fisher
Sister Mortimer
Sister Barnum
Hermana Arkell
Elder Hubbard
Elder Morby
Elder Suarez
Elder Gemar
Elder Hales
Elder Turley
Elder Avalos
Elder Liddiard

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