Saturday, November 21, 2015

District Leader Training

Friday, November 20, all of the District leaders and their companions went to the mission office for training.
President Felix talked about elevating the mission.  We had great training on accountability by Elders Wickern, King and Yager; then President & Sister Felix took time to discuss accountability.
Elders Young and Ruby presented the EDPEP on correcting.  President and Sister Felix responded to the importance of communication.
President Felix had closing remarks that tied everything together.
Front:  Elders Haney, Gruwell, Turley, Taufatofua
Middle:  Elders Mata, Herrera, Hunter, Parkinson, (hiding is Elder Hales), DuPlessis
Back:  Elders Yager, Gemar, Davis, Bradley, Morby, King
Front:  Elders Petersen, Willis, Brown, Campbell, Hurst, Allison
Midddle:  Elders Stewart, Wickern, Reed, Garrard, Avalos, Weiss
Back:  Elders DeCosta, Hubbard, Carpenter, Plummer, Suarez, Peterson
Front:  Elders Wickern, Weiss, Herrera, Taufatofua, Gruwell, Hurst, Peterson, DeCosta
Back:  Elders King, Willis, DuPlessis, Carpenter, Campbell, Yager, Parkinson, Bradley, Reed
Last year we had a difficult time finding evidence of Fall.  This year we've seen more trees with colors.  We attended District Meeting on Moorpark Road and it was fun seing the fall colors.

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