Monday, November 16, 2015

President's Letter

Dear Missionaries,

It's hard to believe that this transfer is over and during this up coming transfer we will experience both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our CVM target will be "We are consecrated servants of Jesus Christ".  Let our focus be on serving others (companion, members, investigators, and anyone you see) as the Savior would.  As you perform random acts of kindness, share a genuine smile, extend a holiday greeting or become someone's angel, you will ignite a flame in your soul that will lift and sustain you as you touch the hearts of others.

There will be many whitewashed areas with this transfer.  The need to have updated area books is critical. Please leave a clean apartment and throw away anything that was left in a closet before you came and don't leave any of your things behind.

We look forward to a wonderful holiday season. The new Christmas initiative will begin on November 29.  In your zone meeting on November 27, you will all preview the video and receive the material that is needed for "A Savior Is Born".

Remember "the smallest act of kindness is greater than the grandest intention".

Love to all,
President Felix

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  1. I remember Grandpa Felix saying that. He is smiling down as you tell your missionaries the importance of small acts of kindness.