Friday, November 18, 2016

# Light. ..NP, TO, Simi

Thousand Oaks Stake Center was the setting for the training today.  There were 58 missionaries in attendance.  

Elders Willis and Wayment leading out the EDPEP.

Elders Peart and Harvey

Thursday, November 17, 2016

# Light. ..SLO and Santa Maria

This afternoon after doing the intiative for Santa Barbara we drove to Santa Maria.  That zone and San Luis Obispo zone met together.
Cutting out the daily ideas of service to put in their planners.

Sister and President Felix demonstrating a missionary inviting a person to see the video from and turning the conversation into a gospel centered one.

Elders Bradley and Hales demonstrating how to invite a member to invite someone they know to see the Christmas initiative.
The row of boxes on the stage are pass along cards for the initiative.

# Light. ..Santa Barbara

The Santa Barbara zone was introduced to the Christmas initiative this morning.  All smiles because they are excited.

Elders Gemar and Slaugh doing an EDPEP.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

# Light the World

Today we did our first presentation on the Christmas initiative for this year.  The Ventura and Camarillo zones met together.  We were able to show a power point introducing it and had the priviledge of seeing the video.  This won't be available until November 25 when it will be shown on  We started in the chapel and then to the gym.  Each missionary was given sheets of ideas for service over 25 days that they cut out and would be able to put into their planners.  We are very excited to be able to invite others to watch and participate in #Light the World. The Christlike behaviors will help us to know our Savior more. 

Elders Taufatofua and Peisley demonstrated a role play of talking to people and turning it to a gospel centered conversation.
Sister Felix and President Felix demonstrated inviting a member to invite someone to see
#Light the World.  It included having the member role play how to invite.

Follow Up Training

Today all of the new missionaries and their trainers were at the mission office for follow up training.  These pictures are just before we started.  We like the missionaries to arrive early so they can prepare themselves for the meeting.  Today it didn't happen and there was a lot of visiting going on.

We enjoyed today's meeting as the missionaries interacted.  I had more questions and comments regarding etiquette.  The trainers and new missionaries separate so they can speak freely.  We heard the missionaries are experienceing a roller coaster effect of learning.  It seems like they are doing 12 week and realizing the importance of it.  We talked about the importance of getting up on time and working out.  The video from the District demonstrated a good companionship study period.  President Felix concluded the meeting talking about our purpose as missionaries.
Hermana Fernandez, Sisters Christiansen, Lambert, 
Hermana Wiles
Sisters Page, Dye, Elders McLawhorn, Bates, Olacsi, Bronson
Elders Hansen, Baker, Leckbee, Blaylock
Hermanas Fernandez, Wiles, Lethbridge, Anstee, Elders Alder, Johnson, Hermanas Garcia, Gomez
Elders Allen, Morgan, Weiss, Swenson
Hermanas Cortez, Morales

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Tree of Life

Tonight the missionaries helped in organizing a demonstration of following the iron rod and reaching the Tree of Life for the San Buenaventura and El Camino Wards.  This was done up at the Cross.  The members walked along holding onto a rope representing the iron rod.  Where the cross is was the great and spacious building.  The missionaries were along the way either trying to get them to leave the rope or reading verses of the story.  President Felix was at the the Tree of Life.  He welcomed them and invited them to partake of the fruit (giant marshmallows).  When everyone gathered there, President talked about the importance of holding onto the iron rod even today.  Refreshments after were Mexican hot chocolate (it had corn meal in it to thicken) and pastry.
Elders Barrios-Vega, and Herrera Loya, Hermanas Wright, Kneip, and President Felix

Elders Taufatofua, Peisley
It was a beautiful sunset.
It was fun and made me smile watching them "pick" the fruit.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


The sister training leaders arrived for breakfast at 8:30. It was very fun having them here. 

We had a little meeting with the focus on discussing President Nelson's talk, A Plea to my Sisters.  They came prepared to discuss the talk.  Our purpose for doing this was to help them understand their importance as women in the gospel and that they need to participate in MLC. What they feel and have to say is valued. President concluded with talking about councils.
Today MLC was focused on the CVM target - Changing eternity, plan by the spirit.  President helped us to understand how to have the spirit with us.  All of the missionaries did a great job in talking about the 13 bullet points of weekly planning.  It was good to review Chapter 8 of Preach My Gospel.

We had a yummy thanksgiving dinner early.  
Elders Swenson and Weiss
Sisters VanDerWatt, Campbell, Hermanas Scott, Peterson, Wright, Kneip, Sisters Capener, Jones
Front row - Elders Bradley, Van Slochteren, Slaugh, Peisley, Allison, Peart, Anderson, Wayment
Back row - Hales, DuPlessis, Gemar, Taufatofua,  K. Davis, Harvey, Huston, Willis