Saturday, November 12, 2016

Tree of Life

Tonight the missionaries helped in organizing a demonstration of following the iron rod and reaching the Tree of Life for the San Buenaventura and El Camino Wards.  This was done up at the Cross.  The members walked along holding onto a rope representing the iron rod.  Where the cross is was the great and spacious building.  The missionaries were along the way either trying to get them to leave the rope or reading verses of the story.  President Felix was at the the Tree of Life.  He welcomed them and invited them to partake of the fruit (giant marshmallows).  When everyone gathered there, President talked about the importance of holding onto the iron rod even today.  Refreshments after were Mexican hot chocolate (it had corn meal in it to thicken) and pastry.
Elders Barrios-Vega, and Herrera Loya, Hermanas Wright, Kneip, and President Felix

Elders Taufatofua, Peisley
It was a beautiful sunset.
It was fun and made me smile watching them "pick" the fruit.

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