Tuesday, November 15, 2016

# Light the World

Today we did our first presentation on the Christmas initiative for this year.  The Ventura and Camarillo zones met together.  We were able to show a power point introducing it and had the priviledge of seeing the video.  This won't be available until November 25 when it will be shown on mormon.org.  We started in the chapel and then to the gym.  Each missionary was given sheets of ideas for service over 25 days that they cut out and would be able to put into their planners.  We are very excited to be able to invite others to watch and participate in #Light the World. The Christlike behaviors will help us to know our Savior more. 

Elders Taufatofua and Peisley demonstrated a role play of talking to people and turning it to a gospel centered conversation.
Sister Felix and President Felix demonstrated inviting a member to invite someone to see
#Light the World.  It included having the member role play how to invite.

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