Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Follow Up Training

Today all of the new missionaries and their trainers were at the mission office for follow up training.  These pictures are just before we started.  We like the missionaries to arrive early so they can prepare themselves for the meeting.  Today it didn't happen and there was a lot of visiting going on.

We enjoyed today's meeting as the missionaries interacted.  I had more questions and comments regarding etiquette.  The trainers and new missionaries separate so they can speak freely.  We heard the missionaries are experienceing a roller coaster effect of learning.  It seems like they are doing 12 week and realizing the importance of it.  We talked about the importance of getting up on time and working out.  The video from the District demonstrated a good companionship study period.  President Felix concluded the meeting talking about our purpose as missionaries.
Hermana Fernandez, Sisters Christiansen, Lambert, 
Hermana Wiles
Sisters Page, Dye, Elders McLawhorn, Bates, Olacsi, Bronson
Elders Hansen, Baker, Leckbee, Blaylock
Hermanas Fernandez, Wiles, Lethbridge, Anstee, Elders Alder, Johnson, Hermanas Garcia, Gomez
Elders Allen, Morgan, Weiss, Swenson
Hermanas Cortez, Morales

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