Wednesday, March 18, 2015

St. Patrick's Day

Those in the missionary leadership council came to breakfast before going to the mission office for our meeting.   With it being St. Patrick's Day, we had to have green eggs, ham, and green pancakes.  Sister Felix cracked about 70 eggs.

Green pancake batter

All who wore green had their picture taken.
At the beginning we all stood and introduced ourselves then said what our favorite green thing was.  The most unique was the Grinch.  The why was his change of heart and how the atonement was even used.  President Felix's favorite green was a putting green.  Sister Felix said starlight mint ice cream.  Other choices were:  guacamole, grass, chile verde, Christmas tree, greenery, money (and then said "just kidding"), pistachio ice cream, etc.
Sister Stewart presented a segment on communication.  She talked about teaching skills, listening and companionship inventory.
On March 28 #Because He Lives will be available.  Everyone will be able to view it at
President Felix talked about finding people to teach.
back row:  Elder Willis, Sister Collings, Elder Fisher, Elder McKinley, Hermana Newland, Elder Griffin, Elder Gerber, Hermana Bennion, Sister Kemp, Elder Lee, Elder Law, Elder Rasband, Hermana Costilla, Elder Yager, Sister Draney, Elder Toa, Elder Atkin
front row:  Elder Hunt, Sister Boring, Elder Walker, Elder Driggs, Hermana Winn, Elder Cavazos, Elder Harper, Hermana Huey, Sister Nicholas, Elder Sorensen, Elder Bautista, Elder DeCosta, Hermana Killpack, Elder Young, Sister Woods, Elder Hamson, and Elder Kanenwisher

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Departing Missionaries

All of the missionaries leaving tomorrow to go back to their homes come to the mission home.  They have a fancy lunch -- subway sandwiches.  
This group was very fun.  I so much enjoy laughing over crying.  So after shedding tears at transfer meeting it was a welcome time for laughter.  Some helped with a service of cutting and tieing blankets for charity.  They played a game that was gospel oriented - it consisted of topics being acted out (charades), drawn (pictionary), and humming (name that tune).  
Elders Bryson, Shields, Canzona, Spackman, and Jackson
Hermanas Player, Eastman, Sister Moure, Hermanas White and AhMu

Transfer 3/10/2015

I had a hard time getting outside to take pictures.  Some missionaries had left by the time I did get outside.

Sister Ashworth
Elder Berg and Elder Trujillo
Sister Berry and Sister Dearden
Elder Berg, Elder Jackson, and Sister DeVries
Sisters Beatty, Moure, Ashworth, and Hermana Tauiliili
Elder James and Elder Lemus
See if you can find your missionary from the back
Elders Walker, Ruby, Kim, and Comin
Sister Cox and Sister Blake
Sisters James, Wilson, Hardman, and Scoresby
Hermana Jeronimo and Hermana Eames
Hermanas White, Eastman, Griffes, and Frias
Hermana AhMu and Hermana Garza
Elders Fisher, Atkin, Kanenwisher, and Walker
Hermana Green and Hermana Hurley
Elder Cavazos and Elder Griffin
Elder Gardner and Elder Spencer
Elder Hernandez and Elder Barlow
Sister Hiapo and Sister Brown
Elders Hamson, Lopez, Toa, and Passey
Sisters Nicholas, Kemp, Barnes, Reneer, Giambattista, and Ulassin
Elder Dort, Sister DeVries, Elder Hidalgo, and Elder Soubie
Elder Weiss, Hermanas Ricks, Johnson, Clark, and Keith
Elder Dort, President Felix, and Elder Trujillo
Elders Hale, Tufts, and Reed
Elder Tufts, Elder Reed, and Sister Felix
Hermana Young came for a visit as she went home for rehab on her knee
Elder Santos and Elder Jones
Elder Weiss and Elder Phillips

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

New Arrivals 3/9/2015

Our typical schedule of missionaries arriving just before noon had been changed.  These missionaries arrived in Santa Barbara at 9:00 a.m.  Wait, there's only 6 and we were suppose to have 8 missionaries.  Two hermanas were missing.  President Felix called the IFR (Infield Representative) for help in finding the two.  After talking with missionary travel we were told their flight would not arrive until 3:00 p.m.
Elder Willis from Virginia
Hermana Frias from Mexico
Hermana Green from Utah
Sister Ulassin from Texas
Sister Berry from North Carolina
Elder Lemus from Maryland

Hermana Johnson from Utah
Hermana Eames from Washington

We went to the Institute at the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB).  Elder and Sister McIntosh prepared breakfast of french toast, a fruit medley, and orange juice.  The plan was to stay there and let the missionaries rest a bit while President Felix interviewed each one.

We went to the Cross so they could see the ocean, Ventura, and Oxnard.  President Felix talked about having both feet in and being anxiously engaged.  Leave all behind and be fully committed.  
Hermana Green was the last to jump in with both feet.
We dropped the missionaries off at the mission home with the assistants for lunch.  It consisted of roast beef on flat bread, grapes, cantelope, chips and snicker doodle cookies.  President and Sister Felix left them there and drove back to the airport to pick up Hermana Johnson and Hermana Eames.  It was fun visiting with them on the drive back.  
The assistants drove the missionaries in the mission van to the Ventura Stake Center for training in the 12 week program and they then had the opportunity to go out with some of our missionaries.
They were then brought back to the mission home for dinner.  We ate on the deck.  We had fiesta chicken pasta salad, taquitos, and watermelon.  After a powerpoint intro of President and Sister Felix and a short orientation from the assistants, we enjoyed ice cream and brownies.

It is such a long day for these missionaries.  They were up so early to get to the airport. We were blessed to have the bishop of one of the wards in Ventura have the two elders stay the night.  They were picked up at 8:00 p.m. and dropped off at the mission home the next morning at 6:45 for breakfast.  All of the sisters stayed at the mission home.  They were such good sports to stay awake (or wake up) to practice a song at 8:50 to sing at Transfer meeting.  They sang Lead Kindly Light and sounded very good.  
These pictures are Tuesday morning as they were receiving some instruction from the Senior Couples regarding, medical, mail, housing, finances, driving and biking.