Thursday, March 12, 2015

Transfer 3/10/2015

I had a hard time getting outside to take pictures.  Some missionaries had left by the time I did get outside.

Sister Ashworth
Elder Berg and Elder Trujillo
Sister Berry and Sister Dearden
Elder Berg, Elder Jackson, and Sister DeVries
Sisters Beatty, Moure, Ashworth, and Hermana Tauiliili
Elder James and Elder Lemus
See if you can find your missionary from the back
Elders Walker, Ruby, Kim, and Comin
Sister Cox and Sister Blake
Sisters James, Wilson, Hardman, and Scoresby
Hermana Jeronimo and Hermana Eames
Hermanas White, Eastman, Griffes, and Frias
Hermana AhMu and Hermana Garza
Elders Fisher, Atkin, Kanenwisher, and Walker
Hermana Green and Hermana Hurley
Elder Cavazos and Elder Griffin
Elder Gardner and Elder Spencer
Elder Hernandez and Elder Barlow
Sister Hiapo and Sister Brown
Elders Hamson, Lopez, Toa, and Passey
Sisters Nicholas, Kemp, Barnes, Reneer, Giambattista, and Ulassin
Elder Dort, Sister DeVries, Elder Hidalgo, and Elder Soubie
Elder Weiss, Hermanas Ricks, Johnson, Clark, and Keith
Elder Dort, President Felix, and Elder Trujillo
Elders Hale, Tufts, and Reed
Elder Tufts, Elder Reed, and Sister Felix
Hermana Young came for a visit as she went home for rehab on her knee
Elder Santos and Elder Jones
Elder Weiss and Elder Phillips

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  1. 2 of Elder Tufts?! I don't know that we have ever seen a close up of him at transfer mtg. This was so fun. Bless you! And there's even one of him in with the lovely and beautiful Sister Felix! :) Please continue to post some of the parking lot huge group photos. It is such fun to zoom in on missionaries loading up cars and trying to spot "ours." It's like Where's Waldo!!!! We have a lot of Mission President friends. Most have tried blogs and just could not keep them up. The calling is just too huge and exhausting. You amaze us. Thank you.