Wednesday, March 18, 2015

St. Patrick's Day

Those in the missionary leadership council came to breakfast before going to the mission office for our meeting.   With it being St. Patrick's Day, we had to have green eggs, ham, and green pancakes.  Sister Felix cracked about 70 eggs.

Green pancake batter

All who wore green had their picture taken.
At the beginning we all stood and introduced ourselves then said what our favorite green thing was.  The most unique was the Grinch.  The why was his change of heart and how the atonement was even used.  President Felix's favorite green was a putting green.  Sister Felix said starlight mint ice cream.  Other choices were:  guacamole, grass, chile verde, Christmas tree, greenery, money (and then said "just kidding"), pistachio ice cream, etc.
Sister Stewart presented a segment on communication.  She talked about teaching skills, listening and companionship inventory.
On March 28 #Because He Lives will be available.  Everyone will be able to view it at
President Felix talked about finding people to teach.
back row:  Elder Willis, Sister Collings, Elder Fisher, Elder McKinley, Hermana Newland, Elder Griffin, Elder Gerber, Hermana Bennion, Sister Kemp, Elder Lee, Elder Law, Elder Rasband, Hermana Costilla, Elder Yager, Sister Draney, Elder Toa, Elder Atkin
front row:  Elder Hunt, Sister Boring, Elder Walker, Elder Driggs, Hermana Winn, Elder Cavazos, Elder Harper, Hermana Huey, Sister Nicholas, Elder Sorensen, Elder Bautista, Elder DeCosta, Hermana Killpack, Elder Young, Sister Woods, Elder Hamson, and Elder Kanenwisher

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