Monday, June 26, 2017

New arrivals 6/26/17

Four sisters arrived from the MTC on one flight going through Denver, then Elder Hunt arrived from Las Vegas, Hermana Cruz flew from Mexico and arrived about a half hour later.
 Sister Piestley
Sister Siale
Sister Lyon
 Sister Martin
 Elder Hunt
Hermana Cruz

Elder and Sister Iverson picked up chicken from Polo Loco for our lunch at Goleta Beach Park.

 President Felix is talking about having "both feet in"  before each takes the jump and says "I'm committed!"

President's last letter

Dear California Ventura Missionaries,

I am writing you to express the love and admiration that Sister Felix and I have for each one of you.  This past week was amazing as we were able to share in the zone conference our love and testimony of the Book of Mormon and the veracity of the Living Christ.  We believe in Christ.  We loved being able to personally say goodbye to each one of you.  Thank you so much for the love and support that we have felt from you.  We hope that you will remember that we love each of you.
I will not be able to respond to your emails due to my limited access to IMOS this week.  If you just send a short greeting, that would be wonderful.  Your emails next Monday should be addressed to President Nakken.  They are so excited to meet you.  They are enjoying the MTC experience even as you read this.  As soon as President and Sister Nakken arrive on Thursday afternoon, he will be your mission president. 

Sister Felix and I will leave the mission on Friday morning and join our family in St. George for the weekend before arriving home on the 4th of July.  We will speak in sacrament meeting on July 9th.

The advice that I want to leave with you is the same as I challenged you with when you first came into the mission.  Put “Both Feet In”.  Finish your mission strong by putting aside all worldly diversions and focus on the sacred work that you have been set apart to do.  After you return home, put both feet into any worthy pursuit you engage in such as schooling, your job, your church calling and when you get married, your spouse.  Being consecrated will help you in achieving your potential.  You don’t want to be less than your potential by slacking off, giving less than your best effort, losing your priority, or giving up. 

President Eyring told us when we were called as mission president and wife that we should not judge the success of our mission by the number of baptisms we had during our mission, but by the level of spiritual activity the missionaries and their families will have in 20 years.  

Sister Felix and I have faith in who you are and the potential that you each have for an abundant, joyful and faith filled life as we prepare for the second coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Now is the time to set aside all worldly distractions and put every effort into this short time you have to serve Him in the Great California Ventura Mission.

With Loving Memories and Hope for the Future,

President and Sister Felix    

Sunday, June 25, 2017


We brought this quilt with us to the mission with the intent of all of our missionaries signing it.  On the bottom is our favorite scripture for the mission:  
Doctrine and Covenants 12:8
And no one can assist in this work except he shall be humble and full of love, having faith, hope, and charity, being temperate in all things, whatsoever shall be entrusted to his care.
When missionaries leave to go home, they sign the quilt.  This month while President did interviews, the missionaries signed the quilt.  They also filled out a paper with a special experience they have had on the mission.  It will be fun to have the quilt at mission reunions.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Zone Conference 6/23/17

Each day the cars were inspected.  Elder Iverson has it down to a science.

We followed the same format as yesterday.  The zones in attendance on Friday were:  Camarillo, Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks, and Simi Valley.  The zone leaders led their zones in the breakout session.
Camarillo - Revelation through the Book of Mormon and how to get answers.  Questions of the soul and any question can be answered.  Specifically finding out if the Book of Mormon is the word of God.  The missionaries practiced inviting an investigator to read the Book of Mormon and when it was not done to be devistated and to let the investigator know that the lesson planned would be shared next time because it is important to read.  They would then read with the investigator from the Book of Mormon.
Newbury Park - Characteristics of Book of Mormon missionaries.  Different missionaries were discussed such as Ammon.  His attributes were quick to observe and act upon promptings.  The missionaries were encouraged to study about missionaries in the Book of Mormon and their attributes then apply them.
Thousand Oaks - Confirming the Restoration with the Book of Mormon.  Read the last two paragraphs of the Intro to the Book of Mormon.  It is important to emphasize the importance of prayer.  A goal towards teaching to restoration is to read the Book of Mormon.
Simi Valley - Resolving objections to the Book of Mormon.  Focus on good things and be aware of feelings.  Help investigators understand Joseph Smith saw Jesus Christ and God the Father and the Book of Mormon is the word of God.

The Newbury Park Stake provided lunch of subway sandwiches, watermelon, chips and rootbeer floats.
Elders Heck, Ward, Elliott, Powell, Crook, Oakey, DeGraw, Horman
Elders Emerson, Bates, Hansen, Carter, Slaugh, Whatcott
Elders Jarnagin, Stevens, Suarez, Barrios-Vega, Esparza, Marchant
Sisters Masaki, Rosenlof, Christiansen, Wright, Hermanas Hiller (Hallows), Rodriguez, Sisters Adamson, Groneman
Sisters Coleman, Besendorfer, Dye, Hopkins, Hermanas Gonzalez-Soto, Fernandez, Alder, Flores
Elders Dewey, Tanuvasa, Huston, Christenson, Hales, Allison, Jo, Campbell
Elder & Sister Hardy, The Bohls, Elders & Sister Cole
Elders Gardiner, Levis, Horman, Ballantyne
Sister Felix, Hermanas Lindsey, Hirst, Sisters Frankman, Lovato, Sister & Elder Andrus
Happy birthday to Elders Allison, Jarnagin, Campbell, Sisters Besendorfer, Adamson, Elders Crook, Ward

Clean car awards:
Sisters Adamson and Groneman
Elders Heck and Leckbee
Sisters Lovato and Frankman
Elders Christenson and Hales

Simi Valley Zone
Elders Crook, Emerson, Oakey, Hales, Christenson
Hermanas Rodriguez, Hiller, President & Sister Felix, Sisters Christiansen, Wright
Elders Esparza, Marchant, Hansen, Bates, Carter, Levis, Gardiner, Sila, Baker

Thousand Oaks Zone
Elders Ballantyne, Tanuvasa, Thomas
Hermana Gonzalez-Soto, Sisters Groneman, Adamson, President & Sister Felix, Sisters Coleman, Besendorfer, Hermana Fernandez

Newbury Park Zone
Sisters Rosenlof, Masaki, President & Sister Felix, Sisters Hopkins, Dye
Elders Leckbee, Jarnagin, Elliott, Stevens, Ward, Heck, Allison, Jo

Camarillo Zone
Elders Peart, Bundy, Judkins, Barrios-Vega, Mecham, Jones
Hermana Lindsey, Sisters Frankman, Lovato, President & Sister Felix, Hermanas Hirst, Alder, Flores
Elders DeGraw, Powell, Plummer, Still, Bronson, Suarez, Swenson, Palmer

Andrus, Iverson, Felix, Cole, Hardy
Called to Serve!

We had fewer missionaries in this zone conference than yesterday.  Both days were powerful focusing on the Book of Mormon and Jesus Christ.  We have looked forward to these zone conferences in wanting the missionaries to know the Book of Mormon is the word of God and the importance of reading it daily.  Also that Jesus is the Christ and He lives.  We are so blessed to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives and be representatives of Him.

Zone Conference 6/22/17

The first zone conference was on Thursday, June 22 in Goleta.  The four north zones, SLO, SM, SB, and V, attended.  The morning's focus was the Book of Mormon.  President and Sister Felix took about a half an hour in talking about the Book of Mormon.  We had a breakout session with zone leaders leading a discussion and/or EDPEP with their zones.  We all came back together in the chapel and the zone leaders summarized what transpired in their zone.
SLO - Revelation through the Book of Mormon and being able to receive answers to questions.  The missionaries wrote down on a piece a paper their favorite scripture and placed it in a bowl. One paper was drawn and read. The idea is you can receive answers in the Book of Mormon of any question.  Have confidence in it.
Santa Maria - Characteristics of Book of Mormon missionaries.  The missionaries were assigned prior to zone conference to study the missionary assigned in the Book of Mormon, find an attribute and come prepared to share.
Santa Barbara - Use the Book of Mormon to substantiate the Restoration.  The summary was to make the Book of Mormon a priority in teaching.  The EDPEP was to help the investigator want to read  the last two paragraphs of the introduction.
Ventura - Resolving objections to reading the Book of Mormon.  Each companionship took a concern and shared a scripture to answer the concern.  The Spirit testifies of truth.
Experiences from the Sister Training Leaders, Hermana Training Leaders, Spanish Elder Training Leaders, and Assistants were shared regarding how the Book of Mormon helped an investigator they had taught.

Lunch was provided by the Santa Barbara Stake.  We had lasagne, salad, watermelon , roll, and ice cream sandwiches.

Elders McLawhorn, Wayment, Robins, Strom, Thurgood, Endicott, Alder, President Felix
Elders Allen, Matthews, Chesley, Blaylock, Atkinson, Nielson
Elder & Sister Iverson2, Sister & Elder Iverson, Sisters McGuire, Perry, Mendoza, Greding
Elders K. Davis, Hunter, Holm, H. Davis, Hardy, Scott, Swenson, Palmer
Sister & Elder Andrus, Elders Morby, Gemar, McCurdy, Harvey, Kelly, Shaw
Elders Brodie, Haslam, Hiltscher, Mata, Castro, Portillo
Elders Gray, Bunnage, Cannon, Shumway, Avalos, Liddiard
Hermanas Cortez, Coronel, Gonzalez, Pazmiño, Lethbridge, Anstee, Puertas, Elders Turley, Seui
Hermanas Basset, Huesca, Hernandez, Gomez, Torrico, Price, Dolder, Garcia, Sisters McInnis, Cardon
Sisters Cook, Page, Elders Pierce, Kopaunik, Richards, Snider
Elders Valladares, McLane, Peisley, Reeve, Iongi, Anderson, Rodriguez
Elders Pickett, Judd, Deason, Harper, Reichman, Harris, Feil, Johnson, Reeves, Ameny
Happy Birthday in the month of June:
Sisters Andrus, Page, Cook
Elders Reeve, Alder, Endicott, Hiltscher, McCurdy, Harvey

Clean car awards go to:
Elders Matthews and Allen
Elders Wayment and McLawhorn
Hermanas Huesca and Bassett
Elders Vallardares and McLane
Fast and Furious award for Sister Felix and Shot Gun award for President Felix since he is usually the passenger while Sister Felix is driving.
We sang Called to Serve.

San Luis Obispo Zone
Front:  Elders Allen, Hiltscher, Kelly, Atkinson, Nielson, Shaw
Sisters McInnis, Cardon, Hermana Garcia, President & Sister Felix, Hermana Torrico, Sisters Mendoza, Greding

Santa Maria Zone
Elders Holm, Rodriguez, Wayment, Anderson, Cannon
Sister Iverson, Hermanas Coronel, Cortez, Sister & President Felix, Hermanas Anstee, Puertas, Sisters Scott, Hardy
Elders Iverson, Shumway, Davis, McLawhorn, Peisley, Reeves, Sisters Perry, McGuire

Santa Barbara Zone
Elders Johnson, Reeves, Avalos, Liddiard, Castro, Mata, Snider, Pierce
Hermanas Hernandez, Bassett, Huesca, Sister & President Felix, Sisters Cook, Page, Hermana Gomez
Elders McCurdy, Morby, Pickett, Ameny, Judd, Deason, Kopaunik, Richards, Feil, Harris

 Elders Davis, Strom, Vallardares, McLane, Endicott, Hunter
Hermanas Gonzalez, Lethbridge, Pazmiño, President & Sister Felix, Hermanas Dolder, Price

Andrus, Felix, Iverson, Iverson2

President & Sister Ridgeway

We returned to the chapel for the afternoon.
 Elder Andrus announced the plan to have an award for the cleanest apartment in the zone (Clean Unto the Lord Award).  It will begin next transfer.
Sister Iverson spent many hours contacting and compiling pictures and comments from current missionaries and some who have gone home and assembled them in a book.  This was presented to us.

We began the afternoon session after the announcements singing the hymn "I Believe in Christ."
We have all been reading the Book of Mormon and marking the Christ-like attributes.  Every missionary was able to share what attribute stood out to them.
President Felix did a presentation on Christ.  We saw a portion of Elder Bruce R. McConkie's last remarks at General Conference on knowing Jesus Christ.  Stephen McConkie, his son, wrote a poem, "I Believe in Christ, and He Believes in Me." We heard a portion of that.  We had discussion on the Living Christ along with a couple of music videos about Christ being a miracle and He lives.  We were able to watch the fifteen apostles and prophets testify of Christ.
The new missionaries were able to bear a short testimony and the departing missionaries did as well.  It was then Sister Felix's turn to bear testimony and President Felix concluded the conference.  We sang "I Know that My Redeemer Lives."
The second conference is the next post.