Saturday, August 30, 2014

San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria Zones

 After eating lunch the Relief Society sisters are asked to come into the cultural hall so we can thank them.  Everyone stands and sings Called to Serve.

 San Luis Obispo
 Santa Maria
 The Christlike character trait we are focusing on for the next couple of months is CHARITY.  The scripture that will be memorized is DC 12:8. It goes so well with charity, humility and love.  Along with that begins a new program of Just Serve where the missionaries are authorized to do 10 hours of service per week Tuesday through Friday. We are striving to be a Zion mission.  Part of becoming a Zion mission is to start with unity in their companionship, to become more pure in heart and to not have fear. 
Everyone received a pair of gloves. 


  1. I've heard from my girl that "Just Serve" is inspired and she's thrilled about it.

  2. Elder Smoot is absolutely "Stoked" to get out and do service, it is his favorite way to get to know people.

  3. My baby boy Elder Willis.. haha!!! Thanks so much for taking pictures during Zone Conference Sister Felix! I just saw them today and I was so happy to see my Elder, Singing and Eating and so very, very happy to be serving... We had an issue with his 15 year old brother who was upset that Sport Clips did not cut his hair perfectly, and his brother Elder Willis told him to stop stressing the unimportant and how he and is Companion cut each other's hair themselves with a hair shaver he bought a while back to save $20 dollars a month!!! Well at least now I know why their hair always looks the way it does...Lol. And by the way, his younger brother hasn't complained since! Gotta love all these Missionaries and how they serve with all their heart, might, mind and strength and still stay within budget... haha! :)

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  5. Deana WillisSeptember 9, 2014 at 8:15 AM

    Oh, and to help you out with which Missionary is Elder Willis, he is in the pictures above and the back row of the "reaching for the gloves" shot. His physical description is tall (6'3"), thin, and yellow/blonde, straight hair that sticks straight up! Basically he looks like he is a California boy (from Mesa, Arizona).. haha! His wonderful Companion is Elder Mulford, who has dark hair, glasses, a foot shorter than Elder Willis, but once you get to know him, his Comp's heart makes his stature grow taller than my son :). Gotta love all of those 240+ Missionaries!!!