Friday, August 22, 2014


Please mail letters and packages directly to the missionary's apartment.  You will be able to get the address from your missionary.  As transfers are every 6 weeks, please be aware of the dates so that letters or packages are not sent the week before or the week of transfers.  Emailing would be the best way to communicate to your missionary during that time.  Missionaries find out Monday morning the week of transfers if they will be moving.

September 22
November 3
December 15
January 26, 2015
March 9
April 20
June 1
July 13
August 24
October 5
November 16
December 28
The above dates are when the new missionaries arrive. Transfer meetings are on Tuesdays and departing missionaries leave on Wednesdays. 


  1. I love this blog and I love you. Thank you for working so hard to take care of these sweet missionaries.

    I love mailing directly. It's so much faster!

    I could be wrong, but I think the missionaries might have received different instructions about package delivery in the past. For the first 6 months of my daughter's mission, she told me to only send to the mission home and to be sure it was sent first class so it could be forwarded. Six months into her mission, she emailed and said something about "just finding out" that I could mail directly to her apartment. Perhaps she was confused, but I also read it in another CV missionary's email about just finding out. (Maybe telling the missionaries to tell their families will be helpful in spreading the word.)

  2. Because there is other CVM facebook pages etc... It can get confusing on what to do. But now that you have this Blog it takes away all the confusion! Most mom's seem to feel that they should send their priority rate USPS packages and other packages to the Mission Home... But I was told they just forward them anyways so I just started sending them to their Apartments? My Missionary has never had one lost, stolen etc. if I use USPS and print my prepaid labels online... that way the address you type in will get corrected to the way that the USPS likes it and needs it to be which makes the process almost seamless this way!!! Hope this information helps someone, I personally only send USPS flat rate boxes and occasionally an overnight flat rate envelope that has a set prepaid amt. no matter how many things you fit in it or how heavy it is...haha