Friday, August 29, 2014

CVM Mommas

We are enjoying this beautiful plant that the CVM Mommas gave us. Thank you!  We also appreciate your prayers. 


  1. You and President Felix are doing such a great job! You can see the enthusiasm and faith in the faces of those serving in the CA Ventura Mission! We love reading the blog -- thanks for sharing! We're grateful to know that our missionaries are being directed by inspired leaders! Thank you for your loving service and sacrifice!

  2. I 2nd that comment...haha! I know my Missionary was a little anxious at first about the changing of the Guard, but when the change occurred and President Felix and yourself traveled up and down the coast to meet with all the areas, he couldn't stop saying how easy it was to Love his new Mission President and yet still love Elder Castro as well! Thanks for all the hard work, and sacrifice you do to Help our Missionaries learn to serve the Lord, and learn to Love the Work!!! An Obedient Missionary is a happy Missionary... Luv ya!