Monday, April 3, 2017

TO and SV Zone Conference 3/31/17

Thousand Oaks Zone
Front:  Hermana Hernandez, Elders Peart, Regalado, Ameny, Rodriguez, Harris, Gray, Sister Page
Back:  Hermana Arkell, Elders Slaugh, Alder, Shumway, Hoff, Reichman, Chesley, Sister Hopkins

Simi Valley Zone
Front:  Elders Powell, Snider, Crook, Hermana Penner, Elders Esparza, Holm, Shaw, Still, Olasci, Sister Christiansen
Back:  Elders McCurdy, Allen, 'Iongi, Hermana Rodriguez, Elders Valladares, Allison, Anderson, Deason, Jo, Sister Page
Shredded barbque pork, cole slaw, chips, and ice cream sundaes.

Sister & Elder Andrus, Elder & Sister Floyd, 
Elder & Sister Cole, Elder & Sister Iverson
Happy birthday for March and April
Elders Allen, Shaw, Sister Felix, Elders Powell, 'Iongi

Elders Peart and Slaugh presented “We are consecrated servants of Jesus Christ.” They asked what does consecration mean?  We should put our full heart and mind towards Jesus Christ as we represent him.  We should align our will with God’s will.  They passed out note paper for all to write down what their wants, dreams and desires were.  They were collected and put in a box.  They were not to be thought about until going home.  Every effort should be focused on the work.  Jacob 1:18 & 19 – put both feet in.

Elders Allison and Holm presented “We strive to serve the Lord through our obedience.”  A demonstration of an elder who was not being obedient was fun to see.  Why is obedience important?  We obtain blessings.  Serving others is serving the Lord.  We read Matt 25:40, 42-45 and discussed ways we can serve.  There are four kinds of missionaries.  1.  He is obedient and happy.  2.  He’s obedient but unhappy.  The attitude is it’s our duty – not the right attitude.  3.  Disobedient and happy.  He doesn’t feel true joy and it’s temporary.  4.  Disobedient and sad.  He’s just here to be here.  We reviewed in PMG page 122 on obedience.

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