Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Today we had a great Mission Leadership Council.  The meeting started off with a powerful rendition of Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise.  We're hoping the enthusiasm for the way the song is sung has returned.  After introducing themselves each told of a Book of Mormon individual they identified with and which General Conference talk has influenced them in their work.
The assistants talked about Elder Bednar's talk from conference, Called to the Work.  In Doctrine and Covenants 80:1&2 we are to preach the Gospel to every creature.  Everyone needs the Gospel.  It doesn't matter where one is called, that includes where their next transfer is.
We had a break out session with the Hermana and Sister Training Leaders going over their responsibilities with 
Sister Felix and the Elders did the same with President Felix.  We made some updates.
We enjoyed a pasta bar, garlic bread, salad, and an oreo crust and ice cream dessert.

Training Leaders
Front:  Sisters Scott, Hopkins, Hermanas Alder, Puertas
Back:  Sisters Fisher, Barnum, Hermanas Flores, Anstee
Front:  Elders Barrios-Vega, Suarez
Back:  Elders Peisley, McLane

Zone Leaders
Front:  Elders Gemar, McLawhorn, McCurdy, Davis, Christenson, Jo, Whatcott, Hales
Back:  Elders Huston, Harvey, Morby, Wayment, Bradley, Bronson, Hunter, Slaugh, Allison

Elder Taufatofua, Swenson

We had a council on several items which caused updates.
President did some leadership training and utilized some of Elder D. Todd Christopherson's talk from conference.
Sister Felix and President Felix introduced the new 
CVM target. 
Goal setting is critical in being on fire.  Motivation and the desire of our soul along with a testimony will ignite the fire within.
We are excited to feed the spark, fan the flame, and Ignite!
President Felix received an email this past week stating no more zone meetings.  The Church leaders feel with zone conferences every transfer, zone meetings are not necessary.  Our Zone Leaders will have a District Leaders' Council the day after MLC to train the District Leaders on what was discussed at MLC.  The District Leaders will then have district meeting on Friday and share with the rest of the missionaries.

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