Saturday, April 1, 2017

Zone Conferences March 28 - 31, 2017

We have enjoyed being with all the missionaries this week in zone conferences, March 28 - 31.  Here is a summary of what occurred:

The new missionaries bore their testimonies followed by departing missionaries sharing with us their testimonies.  We heard from Elder and Sister Floyd each day because their mission is coming to a close.  It was wonderful to hear from them.  When the new missionaries spoke, Elder and Sister Andrus were introduced to the missionaries.  They will be doing the work the Floyds have been doing in the office.

Sister Felix introduced the Easter Initiative and the assistants led an EDPEP of an ineffective and effective way to hand out pass along cards.  We are looking forward to learning principles of peace that will go along with #PrinceofPeace.

President Felix shared some fun facts about the Book of Mormon.  It was translated in 85 days.  During that time, 12 revelations were received that are included in the Doctrine and Covenants, applied for a patent, received the priesthood, moved twice, and looked for a printer.  With all that happened during the translation, it took 65 days to translate the plates.  When completed it had 585 pages which was an average of 9 pages per day.  The following is the challenge that was issued to the missionaries. 

The afternoon session was all about the Five Areas of Focus which parallel Our Purpose as missionaries:
We begin with the end in mind - Faith
We are consecrated servants of Jesus Christ - Repent
We strive to serve the Lord through our obedience - Baptism
We are led by the Spirit as we find and teach – Receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost
We desire the salvation of souls – Endure to the end

Sister Felix talked about beginning with the end in mind.  My favorite part was telling the conversion story of a friend I worked with in the Salt Lake Temple.  Her missionaries began with the end in mind as they visualized her dressed in a white baptismal jump suit.  We go even further by seeing investigators dressed in white temple clothing; begin with the ENDowment in mind.  Receiving our endowment is such a blessing.  We return to do the work for those who have passed on and it helps us to continue to learn and understand the covenants we make as we provide the saving ordinances for those who have passed on. These young missionaries need to realize the importance of keeping the vision for themselves of eternal life for them and their family.  If they have no baptisms, they need to have at least one convert – themselves. 

Zone leaders in each zone presented a section of the five areas of focus.  We looked forward to each day to see their presentations.

President Felix discussed “We are led by the Spirit as we find and teach.”
The Parable of Power was revealed.

Without the Spirit, we will never succeed no matter our talent.  We reviewed Alma 8:30-32 and 2 Nephi 33:1.  The introduction to the Book of Mormon states by the power of the Holy Ghost we shall know the truth of the Book of Mormon.

The assistants presented “We desire the salvation of souls.”  Elder Dallin H. Oaks – “Desires dictate our priorities, priorities shape our choices, and choices determine our actions.” They discussed 1 Nephi 8:12, we all want eternal life.  The salvation of souls is not an easy task.  God grants the righteous desires of our hearts. Elder De Jager gave a talk “You never know who you may save.”  The story tells of a man lost at sea and a younger man felt he had to go to the rescue of a stranded boat. The result was the one rescuing his own lost brother.  We saw the video with President Eyring and Elder Holland on the atonement.  It was so powerful.  Elder Holland said, “Salvation has never been cheap.”  Pres. Eyring said we need to pray and ask what He wants us to do, plan to do it, promise Him, and act with determination.

At the end of the day, the spirit was felt as the missionaries each took a minute to share their thoughts. 

It was wonderful to listen to General Conference today and hear of things that we talked about in zone conferences which solidified what we were addressing.

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