Thursday, April 13, 2017

New Arrivals 4/10/17

This is the view on the way to the Santa Barbara airport; absolutely beautiful!

These missionaries came from the Provo MTC.  
We didn't have to wait very long for an hermana coming from the CCM in Mexico.  

In 'n Out at Goleta State Park.
Elder and Sister Iverson
Elder & Sister Clark helped us out by picking up burgers and fries.  

Another beautiful view on our drive back to Ventura.

Putting Both Feet in!  

Elders Reeve, Anitoni, Bateman
Two are from Utah and one from Washington.
Sister McInnis, Hermanas Lindsey, Price
Two are from Utah and one from Colorado.
Before dinner the assistants did some training on the culture of the Great California Ventura Mission and testifying of the importance of applying ideas in Adjusting to Missionary Life.
The three elders stayed at a members home for the night and the Hermanas and Sister stayed at the mission home.  We really can't do very much training on the night they arrive because they are so tired.  It's unfortunate that the missionaries don't go to bed at a decent time on Sunday night because they have to get up so early Monday morning. 

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