Saturday, May 6, 2017

Mission Conference

A few weeks ago, Elder D. Todd Christofferson called President Felix.  He said he was coming to preside over the Camarillo Stake Conference and could he meet with the missionaries Saturday morning.  
All of the missionaries were to arrive by 9:00 a.m. at the latest.  We arrived at 8:15 and many missionaries were already there.  We were all excited for this experience.  Elder Jo played beautiful music on the piano while all of the missionaries were preparing for a revelatory experience.  We waited in the foyer for the arrival.  President Lythgoe picked them up and along with Elder Christofferson were his four brothers.  They got together yesterday so they joined with us today.
Elder Christofferson, Sister & President Felix, Elder Ren Johnson (area authority) who began his assisgnment in April.
Sisters McGuire, Perry, Fisher, Hermanas Cortez, Anstee
Elders Harvey, McLawhorn, Baker, Seui
I call these the supporting cast.  They are the companions of those who participated in singing.
We began with "Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise." 
Sister Felix took five minutes to follow up with setting goals and making plans.  
President Felix took time to talk about love, humility and obedience. 
Elder Johnson helped us to understand the importance of being sanctified. 
 The musical number was between the General Authorities.  They sang "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" to the tune of "If you could hie to Kolob."
Elder Christofferson began his remarks stating President & Sister Felix will be leaving soon.  He said that he had two mission presidents when he served and they were different.  Our replacements will be different.  We all have gifts and abilities -- spiritual gifts.  The Lord has prepared them.  He counseled the missionaries to look to the actions of us and the new president and wife.  
The following drawing was explaining our purpose.
With 45 minutes left Elder Christofferson opened the meeting to questions from the missionaries.
1.  How do we know in the scriptures when referring to Father, is it Heavenly Father or Jesus Christ?  They are perfectly one; a testament to their unity.
2.  When a missionary returns home, what is the best way to stay on the path and be spiritually strong.  He called on President Felix to answer that:  Have a personal devotional daily, pray, study and plan, go to the temple.  Sister Felix was asked if there was anything to add.  I said set goals and read the Book of Mormon every day.  Elder Christofferson said when praying and a thought comes, it is good to stop and write it down.
3.  How do we as missionaries raise the vision for members to participate?  Elder Christofferson said persuasion and example.  When Elder Johnson was called on, he said to have patience and be kind.  "How can I help you?"
4.  How did Elder Christofferson gain his testimony of Jesus Christ?  The Book of Mormon
5.  How can we deal with discouragement?  Remember that none of us will achieve perfection in this life.  It will happen because of HIM.  It takes time.  President Benson was quoted "The Lord is pleased with every effort even the tiny daily ones in which we strive to be more like HIM."  Don't be discouraged, just keep going.  Elder Christofferson said, "Remember you're on the winning team." 
He gave us a wonderful apostolic blessing.  
He said to remember you were here today, all together never to happen again.  He ended by testifying Jesus Christ lives and is the Son of God!
The closing song was "Hark, All Ye Nations."

President Felix wanted the missionaries to have lunch before returning to their areas so we ordered 9  6' sandwiches from Walmart.  There were no left over sandwiches. We are so grateful to the Camarillo Stake Relief Society Presidency for picking up the sandwiches, cutting them and having the food ready for when the meeting was over. 
The original plan was to eat outside but it rained a little so we used the cultural hall even though chairs were set up for stake conference.  
We were pleased that the missionaries were on their way back to their areas within the hour.
Have fun looking for your missionary.

The Hardys, Iversons, and Iversons2

Sister Moffitt, Sister & President Ridgeway, President Moffitt
(Mission Presidency)

Sister Andrus, Elder & Sister Clark, Elder Andrus
All of the hermanas servinig in the CVM.

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