Friday, May 26, 2017

Arrivals 5/22/17

The flights were delayed over an hour so we were very excited to see them when they arrived.

We are fortunate to have three elders called to serve in the CVM while waiting for visas to India.

Everyone went to Goleta Beach Park for lunch while we waited for Hermana Coronel who flew in from Mexico.  This is on the patio at the airport which sends balls going different routes.

Sister Frankman - Idaho
Sister Masaki - Hawaii
Sister Wright - Idaho
Hermana Coronel - Tennessee
Elder Feil - Utah
Elder Harper - Utah
Elder Thomas - Utah

After lunch we drove to the mission office instead of stopping at the Cross.  The visibility was not good due to the marine layer.  We decided we would go Tuesday morning prior to driving to the mission office for lunch.
The elders slept at the mission home and the sisters went to members' homes Monday night.
Tuesday morning we had breakfast and took pictures with us and the missionary to be sent home in the letter they would write in the afternoon.  President did interviews while Sister Felix played Jeopardy with the others and administered a questionnaire for a personality test.  

Sister Iverson helped drive the missionaries to the Cross.  The visibility was not good but we still wanted them to have the experience of putting "both feet in." 

I guess Elder Harper thought he was doing a standing long jump. They all said "I'm committed!" 

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