Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Zone Conference 5/10/17

After meeting at the Newbury Park Stake Center we drove to the end of  Wendy and started our activity with three zones, Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks, and Simi Valley.  We followed the same format as yesterday's.

I guess Elder Davis felt if he put his glasses over his blindfold, he would be able to see.

That's a green pond!
Two frogs were swimming leisurely in a small pool.  The first frog said to the second frog, "my, it seems to be getting a little warm in this pool." The second frog simply stroked his way across the pool in perfect delight, "nonsense, it's so pleasant, just relax and enjoy it!" 
The first frog couldn't dismiss his uneasy feeling.  Something didn't seem right.  The pool was getting too hot!  Finally he tried again to reason with his companion, "Something is wrong here, I think we better get out of this pool!"
The second frog was numbed by the pleasant heat encircling him.  "Fine, you go ahead if you want to, I like this jacuzzi pool, I'm staying!
Frog one knew he couldn't stay any longer and he leaped out of the pool.  He hated to leave his companion, but he had to save himself.  The Second frong stayed...and was cooked!  For it wasn't a pool but a black pot he was in, simmering, then boiling over a glazing fire.  The second frog followed the promptings of the Holy Ghost.
Sometimes missionaries find things heating up -- an attraction to the opposite sex.  It's important that the companionship leap out of the situation together before things get too hot.  Companions have to help each other before one of both of their missions get "cooked." 
If the missionary finds himself/herself/ in that situation, then call President Felix and say, "I have a frog." That will open up the dialoge and he can help.

Elder Dewey is listening to find the bag of snacks.  It is more difficult when others are trying to steer him away from the goal.

Hermana Arkell, Sisters Hardy, Besendorfer, Elders Emerson, Powell, and Crook are doing the sock demo.

Newbury Park Zone
Sisters Barnum, Hopkins, Mortimer, Rosenlof
Elders Dewey, Ballantyne, Leckbee, Reeve, Stevens, Hunter, Elliott, Jo
Thousand Oaks Zone
Elders Gray, Bates, Shumway, Ameny
Elders Levis, Regalado, Blaylock, Whatcott, Slaugh, Sisters Besendorfer, Page, Hermanas Arkell, Hernandez
Simi Valley Zone
Hermanas Rodriguez, Hallows, Sisters Hardy, Christiansen
Elders Emerson, Crook, Hansen, Oakey, Valladares, Hales, Sila
Elders Allen, Shaw, Lallatin, Powell, Esparza, Still, Olasci, Davis, Allison

Happy Birthday!

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