Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Zone Conference 5/9/17

We were able to do our activity on the Childs' property.  Here is a picture of both zones, SLO and SM.

We had a prayer at the stake center and then car pooled to the Childs'.  We started singing Let the Holy Spirit Guide.

Everyone was given a bandana.  Our CVM Target is Ignite the Fire Within so when we saw these bandanas we were excited to get them.
One of the missionaries in the companionship was blindfolded.  The "seeing" companion could not touch their companion but would give directions for walking on the trail.

Elder T is helping Elder Swenson.

Sister Iverson was such a good sport.  I think Elder Iverson had to put his hands behind his back so he wouldn't help her onto the board.  (He was following the rules.)
We don't always know where to go or how to do things but the Spirit will direct us.  We have to listen.
After we all crossed the stream, Sister Felix shared "President, I have a frog." (The story will be posted on one of the other zone activities).
This was cool with the horses coming up to the fence.  They probably thought we would feed them.  Once we turned they took off running.

Elder Seui was blindfolded and had to listen to the clapping sound.  The closer he got to the bag of fruit snacks, the louder the clapping.  

Elders Cannon, Matthews, Sisters Adamson, McInnis, Elders Heck, and Gemar reached into the sock to tell us what they felt.  If they couldn't guess, we asked for help.  We need to know and understand what the Spirit feels for each one of us.

One missionary blindfolded and the two tied together.  We need to be unified and listen to the guidance of the Spirit.

We drove back to the Santa Maria Stake Center to eat lunch and have a fruit bar outside.
Santa Maria Zone
Elder Herrera, Sisters Scott, Fisher, Perry, McGuire
Hermanas Cortez, Puertas
Hermanas Anstee, Pazmiño, Elders Judkins, Gardiner, Sister & Elder Iverson2
Elders Matthews, Harvey, Baker, Anderson, McLawhorn, Seui, Cannon
San Luis Obispo Zone
Sister Adamson, Hermana Dolder, Sisters Groneman, Coleman
Sister McInnis, Hermana Torrico
Sisters Cardon, Greding, Elders Atkinson, Heck, Portillo 
Elders Rodriguez, Bundy, Kelly, Alder, Ward
Elders Haslam, 'Iongi, Robins, Huston, Gemar, Chesley

Elder Iverson did not join us on the hike because he was watching over the cars as repairs were being made.
Happy Birthdays!
Elders Swenson and Taufatofua led an activity.  They first had a discussion If Jesus..., and got responses then, changed IF to BECAUSE Jesus...  We CAN DO Because Jesus is the Christ.

This is a finding activity where cards were handed out with a description of an identity of who they were on top and they were looking for the identity of the description of a person at the bottom of the card.  After finding and doing how to begin teaching they taught a gospel principle.
We convened in the Relief Society room for training on working with members and social media, more on the Holy Ghost, and a summary of Ignite the Fire Within.

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