Thursday, May 11, 2017

Zone Conference 5/11/17

Camarillo Zone
Hermanas Flores, Alder, Lindsey, Hirst, Sisters Lavato, Dye
Elders DeGraw, Palmer, Betts, Peisley, Taufatofua, Swenson
Elders Jones, Strom, Peart, Barrios-Vega, Plummer, Christenson, Bronson, Pierce
Santa Barbara Zone
Hermanas Bassett, Lethbridge
Elders Judd, Morby, McLawhorn, Deason, Mecham
Elders Castro, Campbell, Jarnagin, Richards
Elders Hiltscher, Liddiard, Kopuanik, Sisters Cook, Mendoza, Hermana Flores, Sister Clark, Hermana Gomez
Elders Carter, Reeves, Horman, Pickett, Tanuvasa, Snider, Clark
Ventura Zone
Hermanas Garcia, Gonzalez-Soto, Gonzalez, Huesca, Price
Elders Johnson, Nielson, Endicott, Wayment, Davis, Turley, Bateman, Bunnage, Holm,
Elders Reichman, Harris, Thurgood, McLane, Brodie, Mata, Marchant, Suarez, Avalos

Hermana Price led us in Let the Holy Spirit Guide.
The Arroyo Verde Park hike was more hilly than the others and took a bit longer.

Elders Bateman, Jarnagin, Horman, Hermanas Gonzalez, Gomez, Sister Lovato

President Felix discussing their experience.
Elder DeGraw had many adversaries trying to keep him from finding the fruit snacks.

Sister & Elder Hardy

Happy Birthday!

We had a neat experience regardinig the song we played for the missionaries in our afternoon sessions.  We became aware of it because of a couple in the Thousand Oaks Stake.  They talked with us after stake conference.  We asked what their callings were and they told us about being in charge of youth conference this year.  Their theme is similar to our CVM Target - Ignite the fire within.  We told them about the song we wanted to use from the group Gentri but felt we couldn't because we are striving to encourage the missionaries to listen to music that will bring the spirit.  That song - Soldier, definitely gets you pumped up and would be a great possibility for the youth.  They shared with us about a song they were going to use "My Time to Serve."  It starts out "A fire is burning deep in my soul, growing stronger and brighter every day."  They are going to use the Gentri song for youth conference.  It was amazing the timing of our talking with the couple and being able to help each other out.   

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