Thursday, June 30, 2016

SB Zone Conference

Santa Barbara Zone
Front row:  Sister Clark, Hermanas Puertas, Morales, Elders Plummer, Bradler, Hoff, Heck, Stewart, Rodriguez, Hermana Torrico, Sisters Mortimer, Hardy, Hermana Zurita
Back row:  Elder Clark, Hermanas Eames, Wright, Elders Garrard, Peisley, Haines, Corbridge, Summers, Lallatin, Hermana Arkell, Sisters Wing, Lambert, Hermana Mulloy
Sisters Mortimer and Wing with Elder Iverson who awarded them the Most Excellent Car Award.
Happy birthday to Elders Summers, Stewart, Hoff, Corbridge, Hermana Mulloy.

Brother Foutin is taking a lunch break from driving the cars to make sure the Tiwis are functioning properly.
Sister Iverson, Sister & Elder Floyd, Russ Foutin, and one of the technicians.

Lunch consisted of a croissant sandwich, chips, and an ice cream treat.

So the Church parking lots were left with all kinds of skid marks because of the test driving.
There is an elementary school across the street from the Church in Santa Barbara.  Someone from the school called the police.  Two motorcycle cops came to investigate.  Once they found out what was truly going on, they were very supportive.  In fact, a comment was made that more of this should happen and one of the cops wanted their teenager to have one installed in her car.

Hermana Eames was asked to do a musical number to start the afternoon off.  She chose Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy.  The choral group consisted of Elders Heck, Stewart, Summers, Hermanas Zurita, Torrico, Arkell, Mulloy and Elder Corbridge accompanied.

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