Saturday, July 2, 2016

Camarillo and Ventura Zone Conference

Lunch was so delicious!  We had salad, mashed potatoes, pork roast with gravy and cookies.
President Felix, President & Sister Clark of the Ventura Stake, Sister & Elder Cole (CES missionaries), 
Sister & President Lithgoe of the Camarillo Stake.

Birthdays for May and June are Elders Endicott, Crook, Hubbard, King, Sister & Elder Floyd, Elders Strom, Hardy, Hermana Scott
Elder Gregory and Elder Holm
Elder Iverson looks as excited as the missionaries for their award of having the cleanest car.

Carmarillo Zone
Front row:  Elders Matthews, Atkinson, Holm, Carpenter, Anderson, Hermanas Scott, Hirst, Elders Portillo, Endicott, Crook, Sister Coleman, Hermana Anstee
Back row:  Elders Bradley, Gregory, King, Willis, Hermanas Johnson, Wiles, Elders McClane, Hubbard, Routledge, Sister Israelsen, Hermana Peterson

Ventura Zone
Front row:  Elders Castro, Deason, Gibb, Strom Taufatofua, Jones, Sister Dye, Hermanas Hemingway, Flores, 
Sister Coulon
Back row:  Elders Valladares, VanSlochteren, Kuepper, Peart, Peterson, Slaugh, Sister Baird, Hermanas Frias, Green, 
Sister Jones

To begin the afternoon session Sister Coleman sang
We'll Bring the World His Truth (Army of Helaman) with Sister Israelsen accompanying on the piano.

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