Thursday, June 2, 2016

Santa Maria/San Luis Obispo Zone Activity

Turn in love to all your children 
Generations yet to be.
May your deeds of gospel giving, 
Temple service, righteous living,
bless them all eternally.
The hymn Turn Your Hearts, page 291 has become a favorite hymn.  It's not very well known but the words really tell us how it is OR how it should be.
I don't believe I've seen this many mustaches in one place.
Last zone activity and this group did a fantastic job of seeking out and meeting others.  
As in family history, we need to seek out and find.

Everyone is blindfolded and trying to make a square without talking.
These two groups struggled.

Everyone was able to see and talk which made it easier to perform the task.
In doing family search, it is helpful to receive guidance from others by listening and even working together.

These missionaries are in their districts.
Elders Parkinson, Campbell, Elliott, Sisters Ulassin, King, Elders Wayment, Herrera Jr., Castro
Sisters Barnum, Scott, Capener, Mendoza
Elders Plummer, Chesley, Petersen, Bronson, Allison, Pierce, Garcia, Turley
They reminded me that long ago when photographs were taken, people did not smile.
Elders Lemus, Mata
Sister & Elder Aston, Elders Hamlin, Huston, Sweson, Powell, Sisters Campbell, Dye
Through working on family history Sister Campbell and Sister Dye discovered that they were related as their grandparents are siblings. It was way excitiing for them!
Elders Levis, Gardner, Avalos, Suarez, Crook, Gemar
Hermanas Pirir, Torrico, Sisters Cardon, VanDerWatt
We were reminded throughout the activities that the hispanic countries do not have records so it was difficult for the missionaries to find any information on line.  It took corresponding with parents and grandparents to find stories.
The missionaries were asked to bring their lunch and we would provide a drink and dessert.  For the most part the drumsticks were consumed but we have several missionaries that are lactose intollerent and gluten free in their diets; the fruit bars were a nice alternative.
Telestrations was a fun break between hearing stories.
The game is a visual version of the classic "telephone" game where one draws what they see and then passes that drawing to the next person who guesses what they saw and continues this until everyone gets their notepad back. Notepads were prepared with a word that referred to something related to family history.  (Of course they were not told the words had something in common.) 
The analogy of doing this game compared to family history was the importance of accuracy.  Taking time now to write down their own life history.  
A lot of laughing occured so we were able to point out that family history is fun.

 We have very much enjoyed hearing about the ancesstors of our missionaries.  Today's stories were about:
Parents - 3
Grandparents - 8
Great Grandparents - 8
Great Great Grandparents - 4
Great Great Great Grandparents - 7
Great Great Great Great Grandparents - 6
Great Great Great Great Great Grandparents - 3
Uncle - 1
We are no longer going to be working on family history in the mission for ourselves.  Hearts have been turned and we will be able to bear testimony to investigators and converts of the importance of family history.  The goal is to get new converts to the temple within three weeks of their baptism to do baptisms and so much better if they take names of their ancestors.

It was time to update the Orientation Book and everyone received a new book at each of the zone activities.
Elder Ruby designed the cover.

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