Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ventura/Santa Barbara Zone Activity

Turn your hearts toward your parents 
Generations gone before.
May you seek until you find them;
In the temple seal and bind them
To your hearts forever more.

Today we were in Ventura.  We encouraged the missionaries to get to know each other as they were finding names to write on their sheet.
Why would we do this for a family history activity?  Any analogies?  One has to look for the information.  
Get to know ancestors.

Elders Hatman, Reed, Stewart, Hidalgo, Corbridge, Summers, Deem, Heck
Hermanas Mulloy, Zurita, Ricks, Green, Sisters Lambert, Hardy, Hermana Arkell
Elders K. Davis, Strom, Boyce, Kuepper, Hermanas Eames, Frias, Elders Valladares, Bradler
Elders Liddiard, Oakey, Sisters Baird, Mortimer, Hermanas Morales, Soriano
Elders Peisley, Garrard, Dourious, Hoff
Sisters Jones, Hopkins, Hermanas Kneip, Flores
Elders Weiss, Peterson, Jones, Slaugh, VanSlochteren, McCurdy
In olden times, people did not smile in photographs.
The Floyds and Felixes
It was very enjoyable hearing the laughter as "Illustrations" was being played.

We heard stories about 49 different ancestors; a blacksmith, architect, trapper, dentist, farmers, pioneers, converts, Indian experiences, ones with faith, realizing the power of the priesthood and in healing, value of families, sailed the ocean, mechanic involved with the Indy 500, dreams, apostle, first to be baptized in the family, charitable, missionary, body guard to Jospeh Smith, Jr., served in wars, a bishop for 21 years, name talked about in D & C 104, a skunk story, prophet, helped in buidling the Provo temple, loved to serve, mothers and father.
It's really fun when the missionary presents their story in first person.

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