Thursday, May 26, 2016

Newberry Park / Thousand Oaks / Simi Valley Zone Activity

In the latter days Elijah will renew the plan sublime.
He will teach you and remind you
Of the promises that bind you
To all men throughout all time.

The missionaries are getting acquainted with one another.  They had the sheet below and had to find someone that would be associated with each statement.
We asked - Why would we do this activity in regards to family history?
We get to KNOW about our ancestors.

Everyone is blindfolded and instructed to form a square.

One person can see and is instructing the rest to form a triangle.
Everyone can see and has to work together to form a square.
Elders Judkins, Bradley, Mulford, Jo
Sisters McClure, Fisher, Hermanas Ames, Gomez, Peterson, Gonzalez
Elders Pace, M. Bailey, DeGraw, Sila, Harvey, Snyder, Hunter, Marchant, Herrera Loya, Ruby
Elder Iverson took a picture of Sister Felix taking a picture. 
Elders DuPlessis, Rosenlof, Carpenter, Klingler, Morby, Harper
Elders J. Bailey, Willis, Sisters Orme, Houseman, Besendorfer, Deitos
Elders Holm, Hull, Lallatin, H. Davis, Peart, Rodriguez, Shaw, Haines
Hermanas Lance, Scott, Sisters Meglen, Greding, Wing
The Felixes and Iversons
So quiet when they started playing Telestrations.  When they shared the pictures is when the laughing began.
 One of the missionaries really did not have a good attitude about family history; but he committed to work on it.  His heart was TURNED and he really enjoyed it.  In fact, he found a name he would be able to take to the temple.
Today we heard about 8 grand parents, 12 great grandparents, 3 great great grandparents, 6 great great great, 8 great great great great, 3 great great great great great, and 6 ancestors that were not identified as to what the lineage was.
The spirit of Elijah is real!

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  1. I'm reading this blog tonight with a full and somewhat anxious heart. It was a blessing for our family to hear today that our son Hayden (Elder Brown) will get the chance to serve with all of you again. He loves being a missionary. He also LOVES family history. He has prepared hundreds of family names on my mother's side during the two times returning home sick from his mission. The temple ordinances have been performed by us and our extended family for most of those names he prepared. Through this experience, I have come to know that the blessings that come through family history and temple work are very tangible for both those family members who are deceased as well as all of us working to help them. ❤️