Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Camarillo Zone Activity

We've been excited along with many of the missionaries for the zone activities that are this week and next.  The missionaries have been working on their family history and prepared a short story about one of their ancestors.  They were to come dressed in clothing representing that period of time that their ancestor lived in.
We are beginning each activity with the hymn 291 - Turn Your Hearts.  It's not a familiar hymn but it is fantastic for family history.
Turn your hearts; the Lord is coming, Malachi the prophet said.
Turn your hearts in preparation 
to the work of exaltation
For the living and the dead.

We had stories and broke the day up with some activities.  I will share the activities throughout the posts of zone activities.  The pictures below are in the districts they belong to except for the Hardy's and the two sisters that attended because of a doctor's appointment on the day of their zone activity.
Elders McLane, Barrios-Vega, Taufatofua, Portillo, President & Sister Felix, Hermanas Johnson, Hemingway, Hirst, Wiles, Wright
Elders Gibb, King, Blaylock, Hubbard, Atkinson, Hales, Routledge, Endicott
Elders Nielson, Gregory, Anderson, Christenson, Sisters Israelsen, Coleman
Elder & Sister Hardy, Sisters Coulon, Bosshardt
Each group was given a long rope tied in a loop.  
1.  They are trying to form a square blindfolded and without talking.
We discussed what challenges they faced.
2.  They tried again but one person is not blindfolded but still no talking.
How was this experience different?
3.  The person who is not blindfolded may talk but everyone else is blindfolded.  They were asked to form a triangle.  This still had challenges.
4.  Eveyone can see and speak to form a square.
It is much better to be able to work together and communicate.

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