Tuesday, May 10, 2016

New Arrivals 5/9/2016

We get excited to meet the new missionaries so when the flight was delayed three times, it was disappointing to have to wait two hours.  As you can see though, even though they were tired they still have great smiles.
Flexibility is what we have learned while on the mission.  Instead of going to the mission office we went to the mission home for a little orientation by the Assistants and interviews with President Felix while Sister Felix was doing the finishing touches on dinner. 
Elder Rodriguez
Elder Hoff
Elder Jones
Elder Hamelin
Hermana Flores
Hermana Gomez
Sister Coleman
This is in front of the mission home just before getting their luggage out of the trailer to put into the garage.

The Elders stayed with members and the sisters stayed at the mission home.  Tuesday morning we had waffles for breakfast (tradition) and then did our little powerpoint introduction.  It is so fun to see and hear the reactions of the new missionaries when we take them to the Cross.  
Elder Hamelin is the first to jump with both feet in and Hermana Gomez was the last.  They are all committed to have both feet in the mission.  Earlier we extended an invitation to read the Book of Mormon every day for the rest of their lives.  They all agreed!
We drove to the mission office and played Jeopardy with questions coming from Preach My Gospel and the Missionary Handbook.  The trainers joined us for lunch and then President met with the trainers and the senior couples met with the new missionaries for more orientation.  We came together and the companionships were announced.
Hermanas Flores and Kneip
Hermanas Ames and Gomez
Elders Rodriguez and Peart
Elders Jones and Slaugh
Sisters Israelsen and Coleman
Elders Hamelin and Huston
Elders Hoff and Dorius

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