Tuesday, June 7, 2016


MLC began at the mission home this morning.  We had scones, fruit, yogurt, granola, bacon, orange juice or chocolate milk.
One of the sisters told me she had never had scones before and she liked them.
We've been having "June gloom" which made it cooler this morning so we ate inside.

Cleanup was really easy today as we used paper and plastic.  We finished up and drove to the mission office for our meeting.
The get to know you question was What did you like about the Family History activity and how are you going to apply Family History to your work?
After the accountability and stewardship report the assistants did a presentation on clarifying the key indicators. 
President Felix led a discussion on effective and not so effective use of time. 
Front row:  Elders Rosenlof, DuPlessis, Peterson, Weiss, Stewart, Summers
Middle:  Elders Gibb, King, Parkinson, Campbell, Hermanas Hemingway, Johnson
Back:  Elders Boyce, Kuepper
Front:  Elders Snyder, Harvey, Swenson, Powell
Back:  Sisters King, Ulassin, Orme, Houseman, Hermanas Frias, Eames

Sister Iverson, Elder & Sister Floyd, Sister & Elder Hardy
We very much appreciate their efforts and time in preparing and serving us lunch.
Elder Boyce and Elder Kuepper took about an hour talking about companion study.  They discussed the why, what, and how for companion study.  
It was decided by the council that personal study would end before 9:00 so that companionship study would start at 9:00.  We hope the missionaries will realize how important that study time is.  It prepares them for the day.
President Felix discussed "Finding." Nothing happens unless you find.  Some of the highlights were: 
 Faith in Jesus Christ is essential in finding people to teach
Develop faith to find
Talk with everyone
Teach when you find and find when you teach
Finding is an act of faith
We have amazing missionaries.  Before President Felix's closing remarks all took the opportunity to share what they had felt.

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