Wednesday, June 22, 2016

New Arrivals 6/20/16

We're missing two...
Hermana Puertas
Sister Perry
Elder Carter
Elder Deason
Elder Pickett
Elder Palmer
Elder Alder

They arrived at the airport around 1:30 but since they had a two hour lay over in San Francisco we felt they might eat at the airport so we just provided a snack of danishes, grapes, mangos, and water.  We never know, but this time they were hungry.  We also didn't want to cater a lunch in case the plane was late (which coming from San Francisco, it 
typically is).  

We drove to Father Serra Cross so they could experience having both feet in.  

After the cross we met missionaries at the mission home so these new missionaries could go out proselyting.  They returned to receive a short orientation from the assistants and then dinner. We showed a slide presentation about us so that the missionaries can get to know us better.
We were very grateful to the Iversons for driving to the airport and picking up two more missionaries who came on different flights.  We went a head and had dinner but saved some for the Iversons and the two.
Hermana Anstee
Elder Matthews
This was so appreciated that these elders cleaned up some of the dishes.
Everyone was so tired.  President was able to interview half of them before members picked up the elders to stay the night in their homes.
The missionaries all met back at the mission home for breakfast.  It consisted of waffles, bacon, and juice.
We had a lay back morning.  President Felix finished the interviews, they filled out a short quesionnaire and then we played Jeopardy - CVM style.
Sister Iverson came to the mission home to help transport the missionaries to the mission office.  We had lunch at noon with the trainers.  Afterwards President Felix did some training with the trainers and the office staff did an orientation for the new missionaries.  After an hour or so we combined and the missionaries found out who their companions were.

Elders Atkinson, Matthews, Bradley
Elders Palmer and Ruby
Elders Jo and Alder
Elders Pickett and Gemar
Elders Bronson and Carter
Hermanas Anstee and Peterson
Hermanas Eames and Puertas
Sisters Perry and VanDerWatt
Elders VanSchlocteren and Deason
These missionaries came from Utah, Idaho and one from Canada.
We are excited to get to see them all again next week as we will be having zone conferences.

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