Thursday, June 30, 2016

SLO and SM Zone Conference

San Luis Obispo Zone
Front row:  Sisters Aston, Mendoza, Elders Hamelin, Blaylock, Herrera Loya, Petersen, Swenson, Chesley, Pierce, Turley
Back row:  Elder Aston, Sisters Scott, Barnum, Elders Hunter, Christenson, Lemus, Elliott, Dorius, DeGraw, Morby, Garcia

Santa Maria Zone
Front row:  Sisters Perry, King, Elders Avalos, Allison, Pickett, Pace, Liddiard, Weiss, Hermana Gonzalez
Back row:  Sisters VanDerWatt, Ulassin, Elders Suarez, Powell, Gemar, Nielson, Herrera, Campbell, Hermana Pirir
We enjoyed taco salad and carrot cupcakes.

Sister and President Kasper of the San Luis Obispo Stake.  President Hulstine joined us for the meeting after lunch.

Happy birthday to Elders Aston, Pace, Allison, Powell
Clean car award was earned by Elder Turley and Elder Garcia.

To start off the afternoon session Elder Suarez and
Elder Pace sang Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy.

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