Thursday, February 11, 2016

Transfers 2/9/16

Transfer board that is in President Felix's office.
Elder Young and Elder Ruby working on the "transfer train."

They look pretty happy that the puzzle has been figured out.  The Assistants put so much time into working on the train.
There were four areas that the train (van, truck and trailer) stopped -- Santa Maria, Goleta, Oxnard, and Westlake.  One train began in Santa Maria and went south whereas the other train started in Westlake and drove north.  The trainers drove their cars with at least one other missionary to the mission office in Oxnard.
At 1:00 the new missionaries met with the senior couples and the trainers met with President Felix and the Assistants.  Around 2:20 everyone met together and the new missionaries were introduced and then the companionships were announced.
Elder Christenson and Elder Holm
Elder Hull and Elder McCurdy
Elder Chesley and Elder Peart
Elder Blaylock and Elder Swenson
Sister Capener and Sister Dye
Sister Jones and Sister Hopkins
Sister Greding and Sister Barnum
Sister Campbell and Sister Besendorfer
Hermana Zurita and Hermana Hurley

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  1. Thanks for sharing, it's great to see our Sister Zurita Missionary! We look forward to more updates. Thank you Sister Felix, it looks like you put in a lot of work on this blog/website, we appreciate you!!
    Kim Zurita