Thursday, February 11, 2016

New Arrivals 2/8/16

3 missionaries arrived from Utah
1 Oklahoma
2 Idaho
1 Indiana
1 Ohio
1 Colorado
Sister Hopkins
Sister Greding
Sister Dye
Hermana Zurita
Sister Besendorfer
Elder Blaylock
Elder Holm
Elder McCurdy
Elder Chesley
The plane arrived a little early and everyone was there inlcuding the Assistants.
Elder & Sister Floyd drove the truck with the trailer for the luggage.
We all met at the mission office.

We asked the missionaries to get the things they would need for the night and the next day.  We gave them bags to put their things in and left their luggage in the President's office locked up.

After the assistants did a short orientation meeting we had pork tostadas.
The Sisters stayed at the mission home for the night and the Elders stayed with members of the Ventura Stake.
We had breakfast on the deck.  We had to look up what the temperatures were from where the missionaries were from as we were loving the 65 degree weather.  In Utah it was 
25 degrees.
We took time for them all to pick some avacados.

At 9:00 we drove to the Cross.  They were in awe!

President's presentation of "both feet in." Elder Holm not only jumped up but out as well.
Elder Chesley jumped and gave President a hug.

We drove to the mission office where we played Jeopardy with questions regarding the White Handbook and Preach My Gospel.  Time was given to start marking a new 
Book of Mormon focusing on the Doctrine of Christ.
After lunch the senior couples had an orientation meeting.  At this point they are writing letters to be sent home.

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