Thursday, February 11, 2016

DL Mtg

17 District leaders and their companions met for District Leader training.
We talked about being an effective leader, responsibilities, and baptismal interviews.
Front row:  Elders Oakey, Gregory
Second row:  Elders Barrios-Vega, McLane, Taufatofua, Haines, Gemar, Levis, Routledge
Third row:  Elders Turley, Herrera Jr., Swenson, Blaylock, Carpenter, and Gardner
Front row:  Elders Bradley, Davis
Front row:  Elders Plummer, Rosenlof, Stewart, Huston, Wayment, Reed
Second row:  Elders Jo, DeCosta, Suarez, Garcia, Peterson, Hidalgo
Third row:  Elders Brown, Mulford, Harvey, Hunter, Morby, Willis

Elder Taufatofua is doing the puzzle President Felix used in the training to demonstrate an aspect of being an effective leader.
They are practicing the hold for performing a baptism.  As we've attended baptisms throughout the mission, we find that the person doing the baptism and the one being baptized have not practiced and know what they are suppose to do.  
We were pleased to hear Elder Jo play for us.

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