Thursday, February 11, 2016

Departing 2/10/16

Sister Barnes, Hermana Cuevas (our first transfer of missionaries to arrive at the beginning of our mission), 
Elder Leavitt and Elder Dort.
Interesting day for these departing missionaries -- not so fun because it was a lot of sitting around and waiting.  The other four missionaries were out on the road assisting the "train." Three of the four had lunch with the the new missionaries prior to the training for new missionaries and trainers.  They are watching Meet the Mormons.
Just as we were leaving the mission office to go to the mission home the 4 other missionaries arrived.  They ate some lunch (4:00) as they were hungry.  Dinner was planned for 5:30 but I was able to hold it off for a little later. 

The interest at the freezer is the wedding invitation of 
Eli Gerber and Jordyn Arndt (two of our missionaries that discovered after the mission each other was pretty cool).

Poor Sister Barnes and her suitcase.  The zipper broke so it was pinned and duck taped for the trip.
Sister Barnes and Hermana Cuevas
Elders Yager, Gregory, Dort, Leavitt, Magoon, and Young

Elder Stewart is driving the space ship and Elder Yager thought he'd ride shot gun.
The missionaries all fit in the van but luggage would not.  Elder and Sister Floyd drove the truck and trailer to the Burbank airport.  This was a first time not using LAX for a group of departing missionaries.  It went smoothly with less time and less traffic.

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