Friday, February 26, 2016

Life Skills Santa Barbara, Santa Maria and San Luis Obispo

Last day of zone activities.  These missionaries were a lot of fun.  Elder Bailey helped in changing the tire.
Elders Allison, Levis, Campbell, Anderson, Bronson, Wickern, Bailey, Elder Stewart
Sisters Lambert, Israelsen, Elder Kuepper, Hermana Arkell, Elders Parkinson, Huston, Stewart, Allison, Levis
Front:  Elder Routledge, Hermana Frias

.Elder Boyce knows his way around the engine.
Elder Ruby is teaching about the precautions of using cables to charge the battery

Medical includes the emotional as well as the physical.

They enjoyed visiting together!  It was a challenge getting them back to the rotation of classes.

Sister & Elder Aston, Elder & Sister Clark, Sister & Elder Hardy, Elder & Sister Floyd, Sister & President Felix

Prior to going into the kitchen to make the Thai dish the Floyds talked about several different aspects of taking care of an apartment and finances.  The vacuum should be cleaned OFTEN so it will function properly.  How often does one do dishes?  Do dishes after eating.  Reasons for not letting the dishes sit -- harder to get the dried on food off and bugs seem to find food.  It's a good idea to even seal food in the cupboards in containers.  The trash is taken out as needed because if food is in it, smells and bugs occur.  Because the abrasive cleansers scratch the fiberglass, softscrub is a good cleaning agent for the bathtubs.
Elder Floyd asked "How do you live on $135 a month?" The responses were use generic brands, look for sales and live frugally.  Elder Floyd feels the first law of finance for missionaries is to respect your companion.  Be aware that the companion may not have extra funds so don't ask to spend more than what is in the support funds.

Elders Bradler, Lemus, Hermanas Eames, Ricks
Elders Hunter, Harvey, Bradler
Sister Meglen, Elders Davis, Bradley, Sisters McClure, King, Baird
Elder & Sister Aston, Sister Floyd, Elder Harvey, Elder Hunter, Elder Floyd, Sisters McClure, Meglen

For those who wanted a little more kick to the entree, Elder Floyd is pouring some sweet chili sauce.

This meal included protein, fruit, and vegetables.  It was $1.90 per serving and made four servings.
I'm hoping the missionaries will make this on their own.

Hermanas Soriano, Green, Elders Castro, Peisley, Suarez, Garcia, Chatterton, Gibb
Elders VanSchlochteren, Davis, Hidalgo, Peterson, Avalos, Mata
Back:  Reed, Wayment

Counter clockwise:  Stewart Stewart, Sister & Elder Clark, Elders Marchant, Valladares, Endicott, Elliott, Klingler, Harper, Sisters Cardon, Wing, Besendorfer, Campbell, Elders Sila, Heck, DeGraw, Hubbard, Hermanas Zarate, Garza

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