Thursday, February 25, 2016

Life Skills Camarillo and Ventura Zones

This week our zone activities are focusing on Life Skills.  We tell the missionaries that things they learn on the mission are not just for now but for their future.  
We all met in the chapel in Camarillo.  President and I did a little attention getter introducing topics that would be covered during the day.
Here is a idea of what happened: (SF = Sister Felix, PF = President Felix)
SF - "Honey, the car keeps veering to the right. What's wrong?"
PF - "I don't know. Maybe we should call Elder Stewart.  He'll ask what our MC number is and say take it to Pep Boys."
SF - "Not only is the car broken but the vacuum is too.  When I was vacuuming yesterday it wouldn't suck anything up."
PF - "When was the last time you cleaned it."
SF - "I don't remember."
PF - "What's for dinner?"
SF - "I don't know; we don't have any food in the house and our support card doesn't have any funds.  Do you think Elder Floyd will give us a loan?"
PF - "No, he'll say we've been eating out at too many fast food restaurants."
PF - "Oh by the way, with the lesson that we had with Ruth, why didn't you follow the direction that I was going?"
SF - "I was just doing what my trainer taught me."
PF - "It wasn't what we were suppose to teach her."
SF - Sighs and starts to shut down
PF - "You obviously were not following the Spirit and we were not unified."
SF - shuts down and won't talk
PF - "Well if you're not going to talk, I'm going to call Sister Stewart and get some help with communication."
"Now I feel sick.  Where is Sister Hardy?"  (she's the nurse)

We then took a couple of minutes to talk about self-reliance.
We did a rotation of four classes, each 40 minutes with 5 minutes between.  After two of the rotations we had root beer floats and cookies in the gym.
The rotations were: Car maintenance with Elder Stewart and the assistants; Elder and Sister Floyd talked about cleaning apartments specific to vacuums, bath tubs, and mold, budgeting and having the missionaries participate in making a Thai entree; Sister Stewart helped the missionaries understand communication; and The Hardys covered medical issues, exercise and stress relief.
We were so excited that we all stayed on the target time and how receptive the missionaries were.

Elder Stewart pointing to the battery.

Elder Boyce showing where the jack will go.
Elder Ruby loosening the hub cap.
The fluid levels, the parking brake, how to open and close the hood and trunk, and the proper way to "back up the vehicle," were discussed.

Ingredients for a quick Thai Satay

Sister and Elder Floyd

Lime juice squirted on top and cilantro for garnish.
Sister Stewart
Elders Brown, Mullford, Oakey, Gregory, Hermanas Wright, Miller, Pirir, Scott
Elder Jo, Sisters Hopkins, Jones, Hermanas Griffes, Johnson
Sisters Barnum, Greding, Elders Lallatin, Strom, DeCosta, Jo

Front:  Elders Hatman, Judkins, Hales, J. Bailey
Back:  Elders Barrios-Vega, McLane, Taufatofua, Summers, Weiss

Hermanas Hemingway, Kneip, Sisters Coulon, Deitos
Elders Hull, McCurdy
Elders DuPlessis, King, Herrera Barahona, Turley

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